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‘This means nothing to you’: Thieves steal priceless items from east side home

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Thieves broke into Georgia Wasnetsky's Warren Park home on Tuesday, stealing priceless items. Wasnetsky said they got away with her jewelry box full of her prized possessions.

"I wish that they would have just taken my TV because they would have gotten more money for it I'm sure," Wasnetsky said.

The jewelry box contained keepsakes like her and her daughter's first communion necklaces.

"This means nothing to you. It's of no monetary value or very, very little," Wasnetsky said. "It's all that I have left of my parents who have been dead a long, long time."

The box included rings from her father she received when she was 10 years old, just before he died when she was 11. It also had her parents' rings and a nursing pin.

"That means that I studied hard for that degree and earned that pin," Wasnetsky said.

Wasnetsky said if this message gets to the thief, she just wants her items back. She said anyone could leave them in her yard or in her mailbox. It does not matter—she just wants her belongings back.

The east side resident says she plans to get involved in her neighborhood watch group. If you're interested in doing the same, you can find more information here.

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