‘That’s really sweet. I’m glad’: Janet Jackson surprises superfan in Las Vegas

Information/video/photos courtesy author/owner @Real_KB

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Janet Jackson helped create the moment of a lifetime for one superfan in Las Vegas Saturday night.

A widely-viewed video on Twitter shows a father’s shocked reaction to meeting the singer, who's on her Metamorphosis tour.

KB Strawder Jr. posted the video to his account. It shows his father explaining the best parts of the show. What his dad doesn’t realize is the multi-Grammy-winning singer is right behind him!

After Strawder’s father said just seeing Jackson was the best part, she hugs him from behind and says, “That’s really sweet, I’m glad.”

Strawder is an Air Force veteran and business entrepreneur according to his Instagram page. He previously posted a video of his father reacting to getting tickets to the show. In that video, he jumped out of his chair and ran around the house in excitement. Strawder said he didn’t expect his dad to react that way.

“I thought it was hilarious and just posted it to my social media as usual,” Strawder said. “I woke up the next day and saw my Twitter mentions had skyrocketed!”

Jackson’s team messaged Strawder a few days later asking if Strawder and his dad would like to get a surprise visit from Janet after the show.

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