UPDATE: Noblesville family reunites with missing 100 pound tortoise

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – A Noblesville family has been reunited with their missing tortoise, Roxy, thanks to a FOX59 viewer.

Roxy somehow managed to get away from her enclosure over the weekend.

She was found Thursday morning, about a half mile away from her home, along the side of a road.

Someone called police and she was brought home to her owner, Jim Kelly, who says he’s grateful for everyone who looked out for her.

“The people who did keep their eyes out for her, I really appreciate it, even if it wasn’t her that you spotted, anything at all, because you never know if that’s what you’re looking for or not,” said Kelly. “The person who reported it to the officer and the officers themselves, everybody who was involved just thank you so much.”

Roxy needed a bath to rehydrate and has a couple scuffs on her shell, but otherwise, she’s fine.

“Overall she seems just to be happy and kind of walking along there,” Kelly said.

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