Indiana district says school bus stop-arm cameras caught 6 violations in first 3 days of school

Getty Images

KNOX COUNTY, Ind. – Despite the deaths of three children in northern Indiana last year and new laws promising tougher penalties, too many drivers still aren’t stopping for school buses.

Officials with North Knox School Corporation said stop-arm cameras caught six violators in the first three days of school, WTHI reported.

“The tragedy in Rochester, we kind of thought would open people’s eyes and for us, it almost seemed the opposite,” said Allyson Bowers, the district’s transportation director. “We were getting complaints almost daily from drivers about stop-arm violations.”

Bowers told WTHI every bus in the district has stop-arm cameras.

“Every single bus that our contractors own and are running have the cameras. So if you see a North Knox School Corporation bus running, it has a stop-arm camera,” she said.

Bowers said the six violations happened at all hours of the day in multiple locations.

“Some of them were in the dark in the morning, some of them were in the afternoon, some of them were on the highway, and some of them were in town,” Bowers said.

Bowers hopes the cameras will convince drivers to stop for school buses as the law requires.

“I think these cameras are really going to crack down and catch these violators and maybe make people think twice,” Bowers said. “I thought that people, you know, not hitting a kid with your car would be a good enough incentive but if not, maybe a $135 ticket will be.”

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