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Peyton Manning among former Colts stars who attended last day of training camp

WESTFIELD, Ind. – Watch out Browns fans, the Sheriff is back in town! Peyton Manning made his presence felt at the last day of Colts training camp on Thursday. He’s one of several Colts legends to make an appearance during training camp this year.

Manning was on hand to sign a few autographs, and to talk shop with the offense and defense. With the uncertainty surrounding Andrew Luck’s health heading into the regular season, some fans are curious to see if Peyton can still play.

“I thought that about 15 minutes ago. He looks like he can still play,” laughed Colts fan Bill Power.

“I know he’s dying to be out here, and be back as soon as he can,” Manning said. “I’m really pulling for him to be healthy for week 1 when it really matters, and counts.”

“That’s like the first thing on everyone’s mind, if he’s healthy,” Colts fan Nick Adams said of Luck’s health situation.

Manning took in much of practice surrounded in old pals such as Colts owner Jim Irsay and former head coach Tony Dungy.

“Last time I saw him at training camp,” said Connor Morse of his Manning fandom, “I was about five feet away from his autograph, and he set down the pen, so I never got it.”

For some, that’s as close as they get to a legend like Manning, or even a Colts player. The same can’t be said for Kyler White, who had an eye on Manning and another on his cousin Krishawn Hogan. The former Marion University star is an Indianapolis native fighting for his place on the Colts.

“Even to just see him out there doing what he loves, for his family, that’s just incredible,” White said. “You want to see him succeed, and where he’s at now, he’s succeeded.”

The Colts will break for training camp as they head into the weekend. The team plays the Browns Saturday, and will have two more preseason games after that. They open the year in Los Angeles against the Chargers.

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