Energy Star wants you to keep your home at 78 degrees in the summer

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How cool do you like to keep your house in the summer?

Energy Star, a joint federal program run by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, recommends keeping your house at 78 degrees—and that’s when you’re home.

It’s all subjective, of course, but does that seem a little on the warm side? If you think so, the recommendations don’t get much better.

If you’re not at home and have a programmable thermostat, the guidelines call for setting it at 85 degrees. At night, Energy Star recommends 82 degrees.

So to recap, Energy Star’s recommendations are as follows:

  • 78 degrees when you’re home
  • 85 degrees when you’re at work or away
  • 82 degrees when you’re sleeping

The Department of Energy says you’ll save about three percent on your utility bill for every degree you raise the set temperature on your thermostat during the summer. Find more Energy Star tips here.

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