Moldy mattresses remain along Indy road months after being dumped

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A pile of moldy mattresses was dumped on an Indianapolis street, and homeowners say they’ve been fighting the city for weeks to have it cleaned up.

"Ain't that a nasty mess?! Ugh," Travis Yates said in disgust while walking toward a stack of mattresses not far from his driveway, The now moldy pieces of furniture that once helped someone else sleep have been keeping him up at night.

"I wouldn't want to handle those, would you?" Yates asked. "You don't know what's on it. You really don’t."
For nearly two months, Yates has had to drive by this pile of garbage. He says it's now attracting nearby kids.

“They've been there a long time and the kids have been playing on the nasty things," Yates said. "It just bothers me. It’s not right”

We first met Yates back in April when he contacted us about the condition of his road. Since that story, DPW has come out to his street to patch the potholes. However, Yates says the road has turned to gravel and is basically crumbling away.

"It's like Raymond Street out here has been forgotten," Yates said.

Yates doesn’t know what to do. He reported the mattresses to the mayor’s action hotline in June, and says he has called multiple time since, but hasn't gotten an answer.

"The last time I called, they didn't even want the number, the case number," Yates said. "The lady said, 'Well, this has been taken care of' and I said, 'No, it hasn't! This has not been taken care of.'”

The case was passed onto DPW after being reported. DPW told us their truck had been out for repair. However, they said the truck was back in service today (Monday, Aug. 19) and would pick up the mattresses the next day.

For Yates, it’s about more than the mattresses, For him it’s about being heard, and knowing that he and his neighbors aren’t being forgotten.

"That road is so short, there's four houses, four taxpayers right here paying taxes on nice homes," he said. "We ought to be paying enough to fix that short road."

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