Like his namesake, Capt. Andrew Luck retires: ‘Take care of yourselves and one another’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The campaign has ended for Capt. Andrew Luck, who can now return home to his dearest mother and never run out of Squirrel Oil.

The parody Twitter account that’s made football fans chuckle for years is shutting down in the wake of the retirement of its namesake quarterback. The account tweeted a “heartfelt thank you” and “fond farewell” to fans Wednesday morning in addition to a farewell letter on

The Captain writes of “Steel Men” and “orange Horesemen.” He talks about the “deserter, [Josh] McDaniels” and the appointment of the “esteemed Gen. [Frank] Reich.”

And he leaves fans with this:

Allow me to leave you with this: Never have I seen such talent, courage and determination in the eyes of those around me. My resolve was strong because my belief in my unit’s abilities was unwavering.

You soldiers, your unit, is greater than the sum of its parts. Each one of you has the fearlessness, heart and grit to make a difference on the field. Yet, the group working as one wins the battle.

Please, take care of yourselves and one another.

Over the years, @CaptAndrewLuck has amassed more than 542,000 followers on Twitter. The account follows only two others: the official Twitter account for the Colts and the verified Twitter account of documentarian Ken Burns, whose films no doubt influenced @CaptAndrewLuck’s history-flavored humor.

You can read his farewell letter here.

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