IN Focus: Baird, Banks, Carson discuss gun debate as Congress returns next week

INDIANAPOLIS - Three members of Indiana's congressional delegation appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus to discuss the debate over gun control, among other topics.

Congress returns to work in the days ahead, with mounting debate over how to respond to several recent mass shootings in Dayton, El Paso, and elsewhere.

In the video above, Rep. Jim Baird (R-IN4), Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN3), and Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN7) discuss the gun debate, and various proposals being discussed in Congress.

"My hope is that it won’t take another unfortunate shooting to force us to do the right thing," said Rep. Carson. "We’ve seen memorials, we’ve seen our heartfelt condolences but when there’s a lull, I think people tend to forget until there’s a next shooting, unfortunately. I hope folks will have a longer memory."

"Our prayers and our hearts go out to those individuals impacted by such a tragic event," said Rep. Baird, when asked about the tragedies and whether there were specific measures he could support. "Certainly, if there is  any thing we can do in Congress, we certainly would want to have that discussion."

"These tragedies continue to add up. They're emotional and heartbreaking for all of us," said Rep. Banks. "There has to be a responsible approach. What I find in Washington is that one party or the other wants to fit these mass shootings into their political narrative... I think we can address mass shootings by preventing violent weapons from getting into the hands of those who shouldn't have them to begin with, often times by simply enforcing the laws that we already have."

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