Indiana DNR will pay Hoosiers for certain tree seeds, nuts

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VALLONIA, Ind. (AP) — With fall approaching, Indiana forestry officials are reminding Hoosiers that they’ll pay them for seeds from certain tree species.

The Department of Natural Resources says its Division of Forestry orchestrates a statewide seed collection annually with the goal of diversifying their seed source.

That diversification allows the agency to raise seedlings well adapted to grow into mature trees across Indiana.

The DNR pays seed collectors on the basis of “pure live seed” that meet DNR specifications, including being free of diseases and insects.

Some of the numerous tree species the DNR wants seeds for are black walnut, red oak, bur oak and shellbark hickory. The prices the agency will pay for qualifying seeds include 1 cent for each black walnut seed and 3 cents for each shagbark hickory seed.

DNR provided these tips for collecting:

  • Always call first to see if the seeds you plan to collect are still needed.
  • Collect only seeds and fruit – no leaves, sticks, or trash.
  • Keep species separate – if you’re not certain that two (or more) trees are the same species, keep them in separate containers.
  • If you are not certain if you have the proper species, email a photo of the seed/fruit, leaves, bark, and twigs to the address below for identification.
  • Most of the listed species are ripe and ready to collect when they fall off the tree.
  • Healthy acorns (with the exception of bur oak) will fall free of the cap.
  • Keep the seeds/fruit cool until you can deliver it to us – an air-conditioned basement is good for a short period of time.

Contact the Vallonia Nursery, 812-358-3621,,  or the Jasper-Pulaski Nursery, 219-843-4827, or for more information.

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