Calling all bikers, hot rod owners; Fountain Square family needs help honoring local ‘icon’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- It’s a special celebration of life procession for a Fountain Square local who some call an "icon" of the area.

Larry Mires spent his entire life in Fountain Square. Even though he was 90% deaf, he owned a record shop there and was known for his golden "Larry" belt buckle.

"When it came to music, he could feel the beats,” said Larry's son, Elvis Mires, before talking about his father's dancing. “He just glides. He makes Michael Jackson look clumsy.”

In 2015, Larry was diagnosed with multiple forms of Stage 4 cancer and given six to eight weeks to live.

“They found out he was Stage 4 lung cancer, Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes, and he had an aneurysm about seven cm big,” Elvis described. “Left my job, decided I could be a full-time artist, take care of my pops. Six months later, I was like, 'Screw this, I’m moving out. I can’t keep up with him.'”

Larry defied all odds by living for another four years before passing away two weeks ago. Every day, he took walks to Peppy Grill for coffee, played chess there with his son and stopped at his favorite store in the square. When the store shut down and Peppy closed for renovations, everything changed.

“He had no where to walk, no where to go. That's when his health started declining," Elvis said of his father.

Larry once made a promise to his wife that he would never ride a motorcycle again after her cousin died. He continued to work on bikes and hot rods but kept his promise. Elvis said his father always got frustrated getting stuck behind a funeral procession until he saw a group of bikers on motorcycles give one for their fallen friend.

“I've never seen my dad look like a kid like that before, and I remember him saying, 'When I go, that's how I wanna go,'” Elvis said behind tears.

His family is going to give Larry the send off he deserves. They are looking for any bikers or hot rod owners willing to help in the procession. It will be on route to his celebration of life September 20 at 4 p.m. The procession will start at Southside Harley Davidson, then follow the path of Larry's his daily walking route during his cancer fight, before ending at the Grove Haus in Fountain Square.

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