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Mom shares sweet photo of ‘angel’ custodian comforting daughter with autism

ALVIN, Texas – A photo taken at a school in Texas is getting national attention for all the right reasons.

It shows a school custodian who went beyond her job description to help a 9-year-old student with autism, KTRK reports.

Kenlee Shaw is a fourth grade student and Miss Esther is a custodian at Passmore Elementary School.

“Kenlee doesn’t like everybody,” Hollie Shaw, Kenlee’s mother, told KTRK.

But over time, Kenlee has developed a special bond with Miss Esther.

Someone took a photo last week of Kenlee wrapped in a blanket lying on the ground with Miss Esther lying right next to her.

Hollie says the girl was having a tough day at school, so she lied down on the cafeteria floor. That’s when Miss Esther joined her on the floor to comfort her.

Hollie says she’s very  grateful.

“We’ve been in situations out in public where people literally say the rudest, meanest things,” Hollie said.

The moment of genuine compassion is gaining attention online with a lot of people thanking Miss Esther and showing their appreciation.

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