2 taken to hospital after crash leads to collapsed building on near north side

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A building on Indy’s near north side suffered a major collapse following a car crash.

It happened just before noon at the corner of 22nd and College.

Firefighters say 5 people were inside the box truck and a 6th person was inside a red car when they crashed in the intersection.  The truck then slammed into the building and caused a major structural collapse.

Luckily, it appears all 6 victims will survive their injuries.

“I’ve not seen a collapse like this and I’ve been on 18 years.  It’s a pretty significant collapse, but it is amazing people can walk away from this because you see it and it looks horrible, but fortunately i think everyone is going to be alright,” said IFD spokesman Jason Kistler.

With the exposed second floor kitchen and other rooms on the verge of falling down, neighbors came out to watch the scene unfold.

“Everybody is blessed to even make it out of something like that,” said neighbor Michelle Clay-Jones.

In all, fire crews say 2 people were taken to the hospital including the driver of the red car which was damaged by falling debris.  Michelle says the driver of that car is a child hood friend, who told her what led up to the crash.

“He told me the guy ran the light, whoever was in the truck.  The truck is under the rubble.  He’s blessed to even come out of something like that,” said Clay-Jones.

“Witnesses said the two cars collided in the intersection.  I don’t know who was at fault or who was going which direction,” said Kistler.

Neighbors say the building had most recently been used as a church, but the congregation vacated the building several months ago because of problems with the roof.

Fire fighters say no one was inside the vacant building at the time it came toppling down.

“I can’t say how it happened or why it happened so severely. I don’t know the history, but I agree it’s pretty phenomenal to see that kind of damage,” said Kistler.

City inspectors have spent the day on scene to determine how much of the building has to be demolished to keep it safe.

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