‘What is she crazy?’ Woman calls police after finding $3k in cash at Fort Wayne gas station

Getty images

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A woman is being recognized for her honesty for calling police after finding $3,000 in the parking lot of a Fort Wayne gas station.

According to the Fort Wayne Police Department, the incident happened Tuesday. The woman found the money on the ground in the parking lot at a Walmart gas station. Even though no one was around, she collected the money and called police.

Officers were able to locate the owner of the money, who was “so happy to have the money back,” according to the department’s post on Facebook.

“Now some of you are thinking, ‘I’d have kept that.’ ‘What is she crazy?’ No, she just showed an enormous amount of honesty,” the post read.

“What she did when no one was looking matters.”

The department thanked the woman for her honesty, calling it a lesson for everyone (and posting a meme of The Rock).

“Thank you ma’am. #TakeALesson,” the post read. “It’s these little things that make me proud to call Fort Wayne my home.”

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