5th graders banned from dating at Indiana school

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – A school in southern Indiana is banning fifth grade students from dating, WAVE reports.

Greater Clark County Schools established the policy this week for fifth graders at Riverside Elementary School in Jeffersonville. The reason? They say young love and broken hearts are becoming a distraction at the school.

Briana Bower told WAVE her 10-year-old son is a student at the school, and he has a girlfriend. Bower says she’s his best friend, and they like to hang out after school. “No, they’re not romantic together, they’re too young. However, they talk every day,” Bower said.

Bower posted a letter from the school onto her Facebook page. The students were given a deadline of Wednesday to end their relationships.

“The school has no right to pressure my child & put a DEADLINE on when he ‘has to’ end his relationship. That’s MY child & I will not enforce this new rule of theirs. As long as he’s not holding her hand or whatever at school it’s none of their business who he calls his girlfriend,” Bower wrote.

A spokeswoman for the district confirmed to WAVE the zero-dating policy is in effect, but it’s unclear how they plan to enforce it. They’re directing parents with questions to contact the school’s principal.

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