Lawsuit claims Tennessee deputy stripped to underwear, baptized drug suspect in lake

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee deputy is accused of groping a woman and forcing her to choose between jail and being dunked in a lake in a late-night “baptism.”

News outlets report Shandle Marie Riley is suing Hamilton County and deputies Jacob Goforth and Daniel Wilkey for $11 million.

Riley says Wilkey groped her during a Feb. 6 traffic stop, and found a single marijuana cigarette in her car. Then he offered to keep her from jail if she let him baptize her. The lawsuit says Wilkey escorted her to Soddy Lake and stripped down to his underwear, while she refused to take off her clothes, and Goforth witnessed the ritual as Wilkey dunked Riley beneath the water.

Sheriff’s attorney Rheubin Taylor had no comment. Wilkey also faces an unrelated excessive force lawsuit.

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