Indianapolis Zoo announces name of new dolphin calf

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Indianapolis Zoo announced the name of their newest male Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf Thursday.

Fans voted for the name in a poll, and Maui received 52% of the votes.

Maui is the name of a demigod from Polynesian mythology and a character who was made popular by the 2016 Disney Pixar film “Moana.”

The dolphin was born on August 27. He is the second calf for 18-year-old dolphin Kalei. Both remain behind the scenes and won’t be seen by visitors for a while.

Trainers say Kalei has been a relaxed and attentive mother.  The mother and calf spend lots of time rubbing their pectoral fins together, which is a sign of affection between dolphins.

Maui’s maneuvering skills have been improving, and has started to swim short distances away from his mom on his own.

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