Frost Advisory through Sunday morning; Great finish to the weekend

We dropped to the coldest temperatures since mid-April on Saturday. Indianapolis dropped to a chilly 34° while others dropped to and below freezing.

It won’t be quite as chilly Sunday morning, however, many of us will still drop to the mid and upper 30’s. Therefore, a Frost Advisory has been issued for the southern half of the state. Even if you aren’t in the advisory, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be frost-free. If you have plants that are sensitive to the cold, it is recommended that you take them inside or cover them until the advisory is lifted at 9 AM Sunday morning.

Sunday is going to be another beautiful day. We’ll have lots of sunshine and temperatures will be a good bit warmer, in the mid 60’s.

You’ve probably noticed that the Fall Colors are starting to show. They still have a couple weeks before they reach their peak. For central Indiana, this will likely happen between the last weekend of October and the first weekend of November.

Now that we’ve snapped our 32 day streak of above average temperatures, this will will have a much more of a fall-like feel. There aren’t a lot of rain chances in the forecast. The next comes Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. However, not everyone gets wet.


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