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Boss pays off Vietnam vet’s mortgage so he can retire early

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – An auto mechanic and Vietnam veteran will retire early after his boss generously paid off the last bit of his mortgage—about $5,000.

Albert Brigas, 69, has worked for Rudy Quinones since 2006 and planned to retire next year after paying off his mortgage. He’s lived in the house for about 24 years, reported KENS.

Quinones, who owns Renown Auto Restoration, said Brigas is a dependable employee who came into work every day, even when he was sick.

“Just that level of loyalty, the determination you just don’t find anymore,” Quinones told KENS.

Quinones has known of Brigas’ desire to retire for a while.

“Albert has been grumbling about that for the past year,” Quinones said. “His ultimate goal was to retire and have his house paid off.”

Last month, Quinones called Brigas into his office because he wanted to talk to him about retirement. Not long after that, he filled out a check for about $5,000.

“I got him the final numbers for the house. We went to the bank and paid it off,” said Brigas, who’s now looking forward to spending time with his family without worrying about work or mortgage payments.

“We brought up my 12-year-old granddaughter and she’s doing great, and now we’ve got a nice little grandson.”

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