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FBI discusses election security in Indiana

File Image (Photo By Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The FBI’s Indianapolis division is zeroing in on election security. One of its biggest concerns, cyber-attacks and the spreading of false information.

On election day, FBI agents will need to rely heavily on local law enforcement partners. That’s because the law prohibits them from stepping foot inside a polling location. But they will have a command post that will run all day until the polls close.

FBI agents say they’ll be ready to address any problems that may occur.

“It can be anything from actually going and manipulating the votes, to voter registration databases, to just undermining voter confidence,” Michael Alford, Special Agent in the FBI’s Cyber Squad said.

Special agents say social media plays a part in the problem. Individuals might post incorrect polling locations or voting dates. These can be traced to cyber-attacks, sometimes by people outside of the country.

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