IMPD Chief Roach creates video to update Aaron Bailey case

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — While prosecutors consider the case of Aaron Bailey, IMPD’s police chief is taking to social media to update where investigations stand and the department’s progress on changes promised in the wake of Bailey’s death. June 29, police said Bailey drove away from a traffic stop and crashed his car on the northwest […]

IMPD officers involved in fatal shooting of Aaron Bailey won’t face charges

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers will not face charges in the killing of an unarmed man on the city’s northwest side. On June 29, police said Aaron Bailey drove away from a traffic stop and crashed his car. Two IMPD officers opened fire, striking Bailey. An autopsy report provided by an attorney […]

Daughter of Aaron Bailey says justice system failed her family

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An Indianapolis woman claims the justice system has failed her and her family after a special prosecutor declined to file charges against two IMPD officers who fatally shot her father in June. The special prosecutor assigned to the case, Kenneth P. Cotter, announced Tuesday that no charges would be filed against the two officers […]

Aaron Bailey’s family to receive $650,000 from city one year after fatal shooting

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The City of Indianapolis has agreed to pay Aaron Bailey’s family $650,000 to settle a civil lawsuit one year after his death. On June 29, 2017, Bailey was shot to death after wrecking his car while fleeing officers on the city’s northwest side. Officers Michal Dinnsen and Carlton Howard said they feared […]

IMPD fails to internally review nearly half of recent police shootings

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – According to IMPD’s own internal policies, when anyone is killed or wounded by an officer, even when shots are fired and miss, a Firearms Review Board is to be convened to determine if department policies and procedures were followed. Records provided to FOX59 by IMPD show the department failed to convene such […]