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  • Summertime food safety

    INDIANAPOLIS — Summertime means cookouts, picnics and camping. But you need to be careful. Food poisoning cases surge this time of year because bacteria thrives in the heat. We’re testing your safety knowledge. Living Well’s Kim Galeaz puts us to the test.

  • Sam Morgan on “American Woman”

    INDIANAPOLIS — From hometown Hoosier to T.V. heart throb. Sam Morgan plays Alicia Silverstone’s love interest on Paramount Network’s “American Woman”. He joined us on the FOX59 Red Couch to talk about his role.

  • Pete the Planner: Do you make good financial decisions?

    INDIANAPOLIS — The key to financial success isn’t money.. it’s your decisions. There are ways to determine if you are on track, or not being smart with your bank account. Pete the Planner shows us how to figure out how you’re doing.

  • National Fried Chicken Day

    INDIANAPOLIS — Remember the Cronut? The croissant – doughnut combination? There’s a new hybrid in town called the “Donug”. Chef Rob Koeller stopped by the FOX59 studio to show us what that is and how to make it.

  • American Mensa Gathering

    INDIANAPOLIS — Do you have what it takes to me a Mensan? Larae Bakerink is a chief elected officer of American Mensa. She stopped by the FOX59 Red Couch to talk about the convention and what it takes to join.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    INDIANAPOLIS — When it comes to this daughter – father duo, making music is a family affair. Mary Kouznetsov and Bob Pugh are the band called “Elizabeth Lee”. They dropped by the FOX59 studio to perform and share their story.

  • Beer and bbq pairings for Independence Day

    INDIANAPOLIS — How are you celebrating Independence Day? We’ve got the best beer and food pairings for your cookout. Monarch Beverages’ craft beer expert, Evan Batt, showed us a good spread on FOX59 Morning News.

  • Planting for Independence Day

    INDIANAPOLIS — Patriotic colors in bloom! Red, white and blue flowers and decor are a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. Our Garden Guru from Allisonville Garden and Home brought some ideas to FOX59 Morning News.

  • National Onion Ring Day

    INDIANAPOLIS — They’re crisp and delicious.. And they come in towers and flowers. Today is National Onion Ring Day. Chef Rob Koeller went back to his roots to help us celebrate.

  • Technology for the best selfie taking

    INDIANAPOLIS — Thursday is National Selfie Day. Most people love snapping photos with their friends and family. In honor of the day, we’re showing you how to take superb selfies and use free apps to improve your look. AT&T’s Tammy Radar joined us on FOX59 Morning News to show us how it all works.