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  • Fleming’s Indy 500-inspired menu

    INDIANAPOLIS — We’re just days away from the Indy 500. Fleming’s Steakhouse is celebrating with a race-inspired menu. Chef Brian Dougherty along with IndyCar driver Jordan King joined us with a taste.

  • Purdue University service dog study

    NEW YORK CITY — Can the benefits of service dogs be measured with a number? According to a new Purdue University study.. The answer is yes! One of the authors of that study.. Jessica Bibbo, along with Tracy Salazar.. who is the mother of a service dog recipient.. joined us on FOX59 Morning News.

  • Month of May fashion

    INDIANAPOLIS — We’re counting down to the Indy 500! The “Month of May” is always a big deal for Hoosiers. Whether you are going to the Snake Pit Ball.. The Victory Banquet. Or have weddings to attend.. We’ve got you covered with the latest fashion trends. Fashion Mall’s Danielle Parker brought the best looks.

  • New sports products to keep you active

    INDIANAPOLIS — We’re getting Fit on Fox with new and innovative sports gear. It’s a good time since Indianapolis recently ranked 96th out of 100 U.S. cities in the 2019 American Fitness Index. Phit America’s Mike May joined us with the latest trends to get you in shape.

  • Cool cars for a cool price

    STUDIO CITY, Cal. — When it comes to car shopping.. We want the biggest bang for our buck! But with average new car prices sitting around $36,000.. Is it even possible? The experts at Kelley Blue Book say grab the keys! Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio is Stretching Your Dollar with the coolest new rides under 20 grand.

  • Quitting tips from former smokers

    INDIANAPOLIS — A mom’s powerful message about the dangers of cigarettes. Amanda’s story is part of the CDC’s “Tips From Former Smokers” campaign. Amanda joined us on the FOX59 Red Couch with her story.. Along with Allison Aultman from the Marion County Public Health Department.

  • May Day with Alt 103.3

    INDIANAPOLIS — Alt 103.3 is hosting its annual May Day concert.. Sponsored by our partner IHeart Radio. Todd from Alt 103.3 joined us on the FOX59 Red Couch with all the details.

  • Tech gifts for mom

    INDIANAPOLIS — Just in time for Mother’s Day.. We have high tech ways to make your mom’s life easier. Verizon’s Andy Choi brought his mom by, to show us their favorite picks.

  • Recipes to make for Mother’s Day

    INDIANAPOLIS — What are you making mom this Mother’s Day? A popular way to pamper her is by cooking up something special. Earth Fare’s Laurie Aker has three easy recipes.. Plus info about a special cake decorating event.

  • Women and social media

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — How often are you checking your feeds? Research shows people spend an average of 142 minutes on social media each day. In the age of ‘likes’.. Many women struggle with comparison. That can lead to anxiety and ultimately dead end in debt. Best-selling author and motivational speaker Rachel Cruz says she can help. Her new book is called “The Contentment Journal”. She joined us with how to survive in this “#blessed culture”.

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