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Angela Ganote is an Indiana girl with 21 years in the business. She grew up in Brownsburg, worked at WLFI in Lafayette, WSBT in South Bend, and WCMH in Columbus, Ohio.

Angela graduated from Indiana University and had no idea she would go into TV until a chance meeting with fellow news anchor, Anne Marie Tiernon.

What I love….
Making people smile and giving people a voice when no one else will listen.

My other job…
I actually have two full time jobs and my favorite is being a mom and wife. I am also a travel softball coach and have been a cheerleading, basketball, and soccer coach!

But I really love….
Football! We are huge Colts fans and please don’t send me nasty email, but we are big Cowboys fans too. I married a man from Pennsylvania who grew up a Dallas fan.

For my 40th birthday….
I celebrated at two football games
For my husband Bradd’s birthday….
I took him to NYC to see Rock of Ages.

My greatest TV moment…
Winning a couple of Emmy’s for stories on the people that really matter. I was able to tell the story of one of my fellow cheerleaders at I.U. She lost an amazing battle with ALS, but before she died she was an inspiration many will never forget.

My worst TV moment….
That one time when someone turned on a leaf blower and my top went flying!!!

If I had free time, I would…
Love to spend my day at the ball field. I love competition and teaching girls through sports. I also enjoy watching my son learn the game of baseball.

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