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  • An early holiday present for One America workers

    After being uprooted from their normal parking arrangements about a year ago, workers at One America in downtown Indianapolis returned to work Monday to find a brand new parking garage ready for their business. The garage was built on the former flat surface lot at the corner of Ohio and Illinois, costing $85 million to build for the six floor structure. The garage is expected to accommodate the majority of the One America work force and will offer up opportunities […]

  • A Thanksgiving Day tradition condition continues

    With hundreds of volunteers in place cooking turkeys, packing meals and organizing deliveries, the 42nd annual Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Dinner got off to a fast paced start Thursday morning. The event, started in 1972 by the late Rev. Mozel Sanders out of the church basement at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, was designed to help those in the community who might not have a meal for that day. What has grown since then is an annual event that feeds over 40,000 people […]

  • Downtown traffic troubles continue through Thanksgiving

    Getting through downtown has always been a bit of a challenge during the morning and afternoon rush hours. But now a three block work zone along one of the busiest artieries is adding extra time on trips into or out of the city. Work along Pennsylvania from New York Street to Washington Street has been underway with the replacement of underground utilities  and sidewalk replacement and repair. While most of the work is being done during non-rush hour periods, drivers should expect on  streets […]

  • Friday morning rush hour complicated by snow

    With the weather forecast calling for about an half inch to two inches of snow before noon, Friday morning drivers are being meet with steady snow falling over much of central Indiana. State Police have already responded to about a half dozen interstate accidents. They are urging drivers to allow for additional time for their morning commute to work and school.

  • Significant progress made at the South Split within weeks

    With two weeks already in the books, contractors are making significant progress with the South Split construction. Dry weather and round-the-clock work has moved the 59 day project just slightly ahead of schedule. Work on the South Split began after Labor Day and is being done to reconstruct and lower one-half mile of pavement beneath seven bridges. The project is necessary to increase bridge clearances and reduce the potential for collisions from unpermitted and off-route trucks with oversized and unsecured loads. Repeated […]

  • A roundabout expansion

  • One America adds to the skyline

    People in downtown Indianapolis have been looking up at skyline the last 10 months checking on the progress of the new One America parking garage. The six-story garage at the corner of Ohio and Illinois is nearing its completion date scheduled for late October of this year. When finished, the garage will have more than 900 spaces for employees and will offer evening and weekend parking opportunities for those attending events in downtown. While work continues on the garage, the nearby area is also undergoing some […]

  • Opinion: Time to re-think the “Painter Project”

    Rebuilding is never easy on any level for any sports team, whether it be college or pro.  Too often as fans we look just at the Won – Lost records from year-to-year to form our opinions of how that team did or didn’t do. Sometimes when programs enjoy such a sustained success we as fans start to think the worse when there is a losing season or two. That type of thinking has started to creep into the conversation of Purdue basketball fans who have had to endure […]

  • Fighting foes and fast friends

    Tom Crean vs Matt Painter are two high-profile coaches at two state universities in Indiana. Two coaches doing everything their former predecessors did in helping to build and keep their respective basketball programs at the top. But nothing in life is ever truly duplicated and despite what Tom Crean does for IU and Matt Painter does for Purdue, they will never come close to equal the characters of Bob Knight and Gene Keady. There have been other great coaching rivalries in college basketball but for most hoops fans […]

  • Block 400 garage downtown takes shape

    Despite the bitter cold conditions of winter, the Block 400 garage construction project continues on at the former employee parking lot at One America. The five story garage is expected to be completed by late May/June of this year and will allow for about 500 additional parking spaces for One America and for the other businesses that will make up the Block 400 project.

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