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  • Snow ends and temperatues drop; Still watching southern storm for the weekend

    Click here for current conditions, live radar, and latest weather alerts CUTTING OFF THE SNOW Snow is ending quickly from northwest to southeast. Moving at 30 mph, the back edge should pass downtown Indianapolis around 5:30 p.m. At precisely 3:14 p.m. the winds shifted. That was the time when a cold front passed the airport and a new surge of colder air began. Temperatures will fall quickly behind the front for the rest of the evening. We dipped to the […]

  • Renewed chill behind Thursday’s snow and cold front

    MORE CLOUDS December living up to its billing as the CLOUDIEST month of the year. Just 5 days in and we’ve had only 13% the possible sunshine. We lose another 9 minutes of daylight this month.   It is a wintry scene Wednesday afternoon but clouds will break and snow flurries will stop later this evening. RENEWED COLD The chilly weather is here for the time being with a renewed punch of cold air following a cold front Thursday. More […]

  • After a foggy Friday and chilly November, December opens mild with rain and thunderstorms

    FOGGY FRIDAY Foggy conditions continue on earl;y Friday evening. Still rather thick north and east while skies in Indianapolis have brightened some.   The fog will thicken again this evening and become more wide-spread. Careful if you plan to travel later this evening and tonight. There will be some pockets of dense fog.   Temperatures are on the rise.   A rather large spread from north to south Friday evening as skies brightened south. Note the foggy conditions in Tipton and […]

  • Coldest November 27th afternoon in 80 years, snow showers will diminish

    UNSEASONABLY COLD The preliminary temperature is currently the COLDEST high temperature in Indianapolis for a November 27th in 80 years.   21-degrees below normal!   At this point it will enter the books as the fourth coldest maximum for the date.  The coldest maximum for November 27th came in 1930 with a high of only 14-degrees.  That same date produced the coldest low for the date at 1°. COLDEST November 27th HIGH TEMPERATURES 1st) 14° 1930 2nd) 23° 1938 3rd) 24° 1872 […]

  • Renewed blast of cold arrives tonight, coldest of the season follows

    SLICK SPOTS After evening snow showers diminished, the temperatures kept dropping crating slick overpasses and bridges for the Monday evening commute.  The temperatures have lowered below the freezing mark after 1 pm and while main roads are wet, the circulating air around and overpass and bridge allows those temperatures to fall more quickly.  There were numerous slid-offs reported by DPW to the newsroom during our 5 pm broadcasts NOVEMBRRR BACK ON TRACK Cold winds blowing across a large snowfield to […]

  • Cold Turkey: third straight year Thanksgiving fails to reach 50°

    THANKSGIVING IN CENTRAL INDIANA Happy thanksgiving! It was a chilly start this morning across central Indiana.  Low temperatures were nowhere near the coldest on record for a Thanksgiving, which is 1° set in 1930. November 2018 has been running awfully cold; it ranks 10th coldest to date and today is the 16th straight day below normal.  For the third straight year Thanksgiving in Indianapolis failed to reach 50 degrees. Just three years ago we topped out at 62 degrees (7th […]

  • Chilly but quiet open to the holiday weekend, but it will end warmer and wetter

    TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING The cold streak reaches two straight weeks and no letup just yet. Good Tuesday evening. Our autumn took a drastic turn in mid-October and since then our average temperature has tanked. By October 10, we had topped out as the warmest fall on record. Since then we’ve dropped all the way down to 62nd place. The free-fall continues as Tuesday fails to reach 50-degrees and enters the book as the 14th straight day below normal. WARMER […]

  • Cold continues with renewed snow chance overnight; warm-up on track for Thanksgiving

    WINTER PATTERN CONTINUES Snow cover Monday morning was measured at 26.5 percent of the continental U.S. That ranks second most for this date since these records began 15 years ago. Only 2014 was greater at 38.4 percent. Have you noticed, we’ve turned cold? It’s a stunning reversal considering that by early October we were experiencing the warmest autumn on record with nearly 75 percent of the days ABOVE normal. That ended on October 11 – and since that date it […]

  • Freezing rain along with sleet and snow arriving late; Winter Weather Advisory issued

    Click here for current conditions, live radar, and any closings or delays WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY ISSUED A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect in central Indiana until 7 p.m. Thursday. Onset of freezing rain, sleet and even briefly some snow develops south and spreads north after 10 p.m.   FREEZING RAIN/ SLEET AND SNOW The biggest impact for this storm system is the up-welling of warmer and moist air over sub-freezing temperatures at the surface. The freezing rain threat as […]

  • Cold pattern rolls along with wintry cocktail expected Thursday

    THE COLD CONTINUES The month of November is approaching the midway point and we are working on our 7th consecutive day below normal. This is an unusually chilly afternoon, a full 25-degrees below normal. The second early season arctic front has swept the Hoosier State in the past five days. Clearing tonight will send lows again into the teens Wednesday morning. To date, November 2018 is the coldest in 20 years and ranks 18th coldest out of 147 years! WINTRY MIX FOR […]