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  • After 71 years of marriage, a husband and wife die on the same day

    In the age of modern relationships and online dating, it’s hard to find a love story that genuinely melts your heart and warms your soul. But once in a while, a couple comes along who gives you hope that true love still exists. Such is the story of Herbert DeLaigle, 94, and Marilyn Frances DeLaigle, 88. The couple died just 12 hours apart on Friday after 71 years of marriage, according to CNN affiliate WRDW/WAGT. Their love story began 72 […]

  • Spanish police arrest cocaine bigwig with drugs hidden under ill-fitting toupee

    BARDELONA — Drug smugglers have come up with some novel ways of moving their goods around the world undetected, but a recent incident at Barcelona airport involved a surprisingly low-tech approach. A man was arrested after drugs were found underneath his hair piece, according to Spain’s national police. The Colombian national had hidden half a kilogram of cocaine, worth around 30,000 euros ($34,000), under an oversized wig. He was stopped by police officers who noticed him looking nervous as he passed through […]

  • 2-year-old girl who disappeared from Michigan campsite found, police say

    UPDATE: Detroit, MI (WXYZ ) — 2-year-old Gabriella Vitale, who was missing for 24 hours in northern Michigan, has been found alive, per Michigan State Police. Police say she was found a quarter to a half mile west of the campsite she wandered away from. She reportedly walked up to a porch – people in the home knew she was missing and called police right away. Police say Gabriella has autism and doesn’t respond to people the same way other 2-year-olds […]

  • Police: Man killed teen he met on Instagram, shared photos of her body on gaming platform

    UTICA, N.Y. – A recent high school graduate — who cultivated an online following, particularly among gamers, by posting selfies — was killed over the weekend The suspect then shared graphic photos of her dead body online, the Utica Police Department said. Bianca Devins grew her following across several apps where she shared photos and details about her life. The calls Around 7:20 a.m. Sunday, police responded to several 911 calls in Utica, New York, about a suicidal man who claimed to […]

  • Study: Children in states with strict gun laws are less likely to die

    Strict firearm legislation could be the answer to a disturbing increase in gun deaths among young people, according to a new study. In a paper published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that firearm-related deaths among young people are 35% lower in states where mandatory background checks have been required for at least five years. It’s evidence that measures like universal background checks for firearm and ammunition purchases and identification requirements can significantly reduce the pediatric mortality rate, researchers said. More […]

  • Toddler dies after falling into grease trap at Tim Hortons restaurant

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A 3-year-old boy died after falling into a restaurant grease trap Monday morning in Rochester, New York, police said. Rochester Police Department Investigator Francis Camp said they believe the boy fell through a plastic lid that gave way and into the grease trap embedded in the ground outside a Tim Hortons restaurant. The grease trap was covered with a green plastic lid — much like a manhole cover — that helped it blend into the surrounding grass, […]

  • Congresswomen respond to Trump’s attacks: The US ‘belongs to everyone’

    WASHINGTON – After the President of the United States spent the day openly encouraging a group of critical congresswomen of color to leave the country, the four Democratic lawmakers made clear Monday they’re here to stay. “I want to tell children across this country is that no matter what the President says, this country belongs to you,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York at a news conference on Capitol Hill on Monday. “And it belongs to everyone and today that […]

  • ‘Doomsday prepper’ couple accused of abusing 2 victims on their farm for years

    A Florida couple is accused of physically and sexually abusing two victims on their farm for years, police said. Mirko Ceska, 58 and Regina Ceska, 55, were arrested Friday by the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office. On July 1, two victims reported to the sheriff’s office they had escaped from the couple — who had custody over them — after suffering through abuse for years. The sheriff’s office described the victims as female. The two described the couple as “doomsday preppers,” […]

  • Feds warn UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51: The military ‘stands ready’

    They’ve got a plan to raid Area 51 and “see them aliens.” But what will happen if they actually do it? Over one million people have signed up to a joke Facebook event, calling on users to meet at Area 51, the US Air Force base in Nevada that’s long been a source of alien conspiracy theories, in September. “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets,” the page says, referencing the Japanese manga-inspired running style with […]

  • Prosecutors say Epstein had foreign passport under different name, is a flight risk

    NEW YORK (CNN) — Investigators who searched Jeffrey Epstein’s home after his arrest found in a safe diamonds, piles of cash and an expired foreign passport that showed what appeared to be Epstein’s photo under a different name, federal prosecutors told a judge Monday at his bail hearing. The passport, which was issued in the 1980s, also listed his residence as Saudi Arabia. That intriguing detail came as prosecutors and defense attorneys argued in federal court about whether Epstein, accused […]

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