Jim O’Brien has been covering the ups and downs of Indiana weather for 20 years, 10 of those years right here at FOX59! Jim holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and a B.A. in Communications from Western Kentucky University. He is also a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association, where he has been awarded seals of approval for his outstanding work in the meteorological field.

In 2007, Jim was awarded the prestigious Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal. He is one of only a few in the state who have qualified, tested, and passed this rigorous program.

While studying in college, Jim also served 6 years in the military at Fort Knox, where he specialized in reconnaissance and light weaponry. In his spare time, Jim enjoys golfing, fishing and traveling with his wife and their two daughters.

Recent Articles
  • Storms return later today; cooler shot by midweek!

    A dry, warm start out-the-door this morning, as sunshine should open our workweek rush hour. By this afternoon, showers and storms will be pushing through the state, as our temperatures level off in the lower 80’s. The added heat and lift should produce some heavy downpours, lighting, stronger gusts and the possibility of hail. Storm chances will hold through Tuesday afternoon until the cold front eventually clears the state. The severe threat remains marginal but a few could go severe. […]

  • Additional rain and storms to wrap-up workweek; improving for the weekend!

    We are tracking additional rain and storms for today, as the weather pattern remains unsettled. Pockets of heavy rainfall will be expected, so some areas will easily receive over an inch. With rain heavy at times, along with limited sunshine, expect another day slightly below average in temperatures. There will be some gaps of dry time too. Severe threat remains low but some lightning MAY impact high school football tonight! A drying trend SLOWLY gets underway on Saturday with only […]

  • Tracking additional rain and storms, current pattern holds through Saturday!

    Additional showers and storms continue today, under mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures! This is good news, as the rain is beneficial but will inhibit some outdoor activities, such as the IWIT LPGA tournament at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Not all day rains are expected, so some rain-free hours will be in play for the State Fair too. Severe threat remains low again with primarily heavy rain, lightning, and a stronger gust or two. Below indicates rainfall estimates since yesterday […]

  • Rain chances on the rise; severe storm threat remains low!

    Clouds continue to thicken across the state, while rain chances remain limited to begin the morning! Areas of rain will increase in coverage through the day, along with a few storms at times. The combination of clouds and rain should keep our temperatures down a little and back to more seasonal levels. All in all, a fairly quiet, damp and mainly overcast day ahead! Additional rain on the way for tonight and will be with us off and on through […]

  • Hottest day of the week before stormy pattern emerges

    Skies are clear and temperatures are comfortable to begin our Tuesday morning. A touch of fog in spots but nothing too heavy while getting out-the-door! An abundant amount of sunshine on the way through the day and a light, steady breeze from the southwest should keep the warming trend underway. Afternoon readings will be pushing near 90°, marking the hottest of the week. Rain and storms gathering out west will build in overnight and should begin to impact central Indiana […]

  • Heat building while storm threat holds off until midweek!

    Plenty of sunshine on the way today, much like Sunday, dry weather holding through the day for 90% of the area, as only a spot storm could impact the EASTERN side of the state. Expect a beautiful sunrise with only limited fog in spots. Temperatures remain mild and above average, while another pleasant start is underway. Afternoon readings should reach the upper 80’s! More heat coming tomorrow with highs nearing 90° and rain chances lessen even more…Tuesday will be the […]

  • August is off to a warm, wet start! Spotty storms return to the state this weekend

    Good morning on this Friday! We are off to another dry, mild start and expecting another bright sunrise (6:53am). Plenty of warmth still in the mix today with hazy sunshine and sticky dew points. Eventually, enough heat and an approaching cold front by this evening should be enough to pop off a few storms to end the workweek. For now, these storms will be scattered about and mostly below severe limits. Biggest threat this evening will be lightning, heavy spots […]

  • Best of the week, still hot! Spotty storms return by Friday late afternoon…

    Skies are clear and temperatures have cooled into the middle 60’s. Expecting a great, bright sunrise at 6:52 am. Sunshine will dominate today and rain stays away from central Indiana, while temperatures return to the upper 80’s. This will be the only dry day this week and will mark the “pick of the week!” Another “cold” front will drop into the area late Friday afternoon and should spark the return of the rain and storms. This could impact some outdoor […]

  • Showers linger in spots today; tropical feel holds too!

    Live Guardian Radar still tracking a few light showers this morning out-the-door but nothing too significant or daunting in your early morning travels or getting kids to the bus stop. Expect more gaps of dry time today but still a few t’showers will re-fire in the afternoon with daytime heating. Afternoon highs should reach the middle 80’s with partly sunny skies, marking another seasonal day. Tomorrow’s weather will be drier and with additional sunshine, marking the “pick of the week” […]

  • Unsettled day ahead with additional showers and storms

    Rough weather hit overnight with heavy rain, lightning and gusty conditions. Large tree limbs were knocked down and sporadic power outages across the state were the worst of the reports. These storms have passed now, but more will sweep across the state at times today. One or two more storms may pack an additional punch, but most will generally bring some noise and heavier rains. After 3 days straight of 90° heat, a cooler but still tropical pattern is now […]