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  • Sammy Terry fans line up to pay respects to Indiana’s host of horror

    Hundreds of Sammy Terry fans lined up to pay their respects Friday. As a kid Joey Langston had to be sneaky to watch Sammy Terry. “Doing everything I could do, sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to trick mom,” said Langston.  “She was making us go to bed way earlier than that, but you had to get up and see Sammy.” Langston, along with hundreds of others, stood in line outside the funeral home to pay […]

  • Crowds gather to celebrate Fourth of July at Victory Field

    Hundreds gathered at Victory Field to celebrate Independence Day! Fox59’s Joe LePage was there for all the festivities.

  • Unmarked trucks key to ISP construction crackdown

    Hoosiers are getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend. Many made big plans this week or are ready to head out on vacation.  Members of Indiana State Police are reminding drivers to be careful on the roadways. A driver from Illinois, busted.  Speeding through a construction zone. The driver did not see it coming and that was the point. The driver was caught doing 72 in a 45 mph zone. “They do not expect a pickup truck to be […]

  • After a subpar 2012, fireworks sales are soaring this year

    Many Hoosiers are welcoming the wet weather. Even local fireworks dealers are embracing the rain after the thousands of dollars they lost during last year’s drought. Sales were so bad in 2012, some shops in the area decided to close. For the places that stuck it out, it has been worth it. Firework fan Tanner Nomady lives for July 4th. “We like a good show,” said Nomady.  “We like a big bang.” The show was not happening last year.  There […]

  • The fight over firefighters continues in Lawrence

    A local community is at ends over what to do with the city’s fire department. It is a fight that has been going for a while and it shows no signs of stopping. Because of budget cuts, there isn’t a fire truck at Fire Station 40 in Lawrence. Several employees have also been laid off. The city’s common council has an idea to address the problem, but the mayor isn’t on board. Earlier this year, the Lawrence County Council drafted […]

  • Victim’s family glad crime spree suspect will face adult charges

    From juvenile detention, to the county jail – those are the next steps for 15-year-old Gabriel Edwards.  By early next week he will be charged. The family of a man, killed in the crime spree Edwards was allegedly involved in, did not wait that long to breathe a sigh of relief, though. “Thank God.” That was Janet Yingling’s reaction when she heard the news. Edwards will be tried as an adult. “It will not end, I just hope they get […]

  • Cincinnati-based company takes aim at Carmel for new shooting range

    CARMEL – Nearly 450,000 Hoosiers have gun permits. If a Cincinnati company gets its way, there will be a new place for them to fire off some rounds in Carmel. As a guy who likes to shoot, David James admits he’s a bit biased. “I think it is a stress reliever, at the same time I think it is something I have grown up with,” said James. But he still has concerns about a shooting range possibly coming to Carmel. […]

  • Child, 6, drowns at north side apartment complex

    A 6-year-old girl has drowned at a north side apartment complex. IMPD said they were called to the Lakeside Pointe Apartments just after 6 p.m. Tuesday. That’s near College and 91st Street. We have learned that 6-year-old may not have even known how to swim. The girl was discovered as the pool monitor, not a life guard,  was making his normal rounds.  The girl was face down at the bottom of the pool. The pool monitor counted to 20, then […]

  • Injured veterans getting a second chance at flight

    Alone, at the controls and on top of the world – it has been Andrew Kinard’s dream ever since he was a kid. “When I am sitting in the cockpit, taking off and just launching myself into the sky, it is total unfettered freedom,” said Kinard. A roadside bomb may have taken the former Marine’s legs, but not his spirit. “There always will be ups and downs,” said Kinard.  “I would just say that is a part of life.  I […]

  • Historic plane makes stop at Purdue University

    It flew on D-Day, it even took Indiana Jones through the Himalayas and now, it is making a stop-over at Purdue. The world’s oldest DC-3 airplane was built back in the 1937, and almost looks like it is getting better with age.  It will be on campus for the next two days. The history craft after has quite a history in West Lafayette.  In the 1960s it was the plane aviation students, like Tom Taff learned to fly with. “It […]

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