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  • Bikers and gamers make ‘Monumental Weekend’ in Indy

    They are two distinct events with two distinct groups of fans. The Moto GP brings in thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, while Gen Con brings in fans of all types of games. “It’s family fun,” said Shea Alexander of Indianapolis, who is attending Gen Con dressed up as Luigi from the Mario Brothers. “I mean, what else are you going to do for four days just to hang out with friends?” Though fans of both events tend to catch the eye […]

  • Department of Defense extending benefits to same-sex spouses

    For the first time, the Department of Defense will extend benefits to same-sex spouses of military members. The new policy, announced on Wednesday, means that same-sex spouses of uniformed service members and Department of Defense civilian employees will have the same benefits spousal and family benefits, no later than Sept. 3. “It’s fair and it’s right and I never thought I’d see it,” said Anjala Batchfield, who has been in a relationship with U.S. Army Reserve Specialist Gail Dick for […]

  • Ballard denies public safety crisis

    Mayor Greg Ballard is firing back at comments from the Marion County prosecutor alleging that Indianapolis is in the middle of a public safety crisis. “There are some inconvenient facts out here,” Ballard said. “The murder rate has been below 100 for the last three years. You’ve got to go back decades and decades to find that sort of statistic. Crime this year is down ten percent, violent crime is down five percent. That hardly sounds like a crisis.” Ballard […]

  • Carmel Clay Schools to adopt new anti-bullying policy

    Just days before going back to school, the Carmel Clay School Board is scrambling to change its anti-bullying policy to comply with a new state law that protects more broadly against cyber-bullying. Until recently, the school district was waiting for the State Department of Education to create a new model policy to follow. The problem is, the school year is starting and the DOE has not offered a timeline on the new policy. “They are so far behind, and I […]

  • Team hopes to win dodgeball tournament to help pay for boy’s kidney transplant

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Trampoline dodgeball is a game that isn’t taken too seriously. “We dress up like Ninja Turtles and it’s about as serious as that can be,” said Thomas Hopkins, who plays on an Indianapolis team known as The Shell Shockers. Though they like to have fun, the Shell Shockers are playing for a very serious cause. The team is hoping to qualify and win a national Ultimate Dodgeball tournament in order to help a 3-year-old boy pay for a […]

  • Keeper attacked by tiger back to work just weeks after incident

    Just weeks after a tiger nearly killed her, an Indiana woman is back at work and opening up about her attack for the first time. A tiger attacked Marissa Dub seven weeks ago as she worked in an enclosure at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Clay County. Dub suffered several serious injuries, including gashes from the tiger’s teeth and claws, a shattered jaw and a punctured airway. “They had to do emergency surgery (a tracheostomy) to save my life,” […]

  • Forum addresses new law that gives some convicted criminals a second chance

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– It’s a law that could give convicted criminals a better chance to turn their lives around. In July, Indiana’s new expungement law took effect. The law allows criminals who have served their time, an opportunity to petition the court for their criminal records to be removed from public records. Many people have questions about how the new law works, so local law enforcement, legislators and legal professionals gathered in Indianapolis on Wednesday to answer them as best they […]

  • Push for more patrols, street lights during Broad Ripple ‘Night Out’

    It was a night for people in neighborhoods across the country to take back their streets, and it was an event that held special significance in Broad Ripple. Days after a shooting injured four people in the Indianapolis neighborhood, the Broad Ripple Village Association took part in National Night Out, an event meant to educate people about how they can make their neighborhoods safer. For many who live in Broad Ripple, the opportunity to meet with local police, fire and […]

  • Little League parents discuss baseball PED scandal, A-Rod suspension

    They play the same game, but on Monday it seemed like that was the only similarity between Little League Baseball and Major League Baseball. Yet, on a day in which MLB suspended 13 players, including Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, the ripples could be felt on baseball fields across the country. “Up there it’s all about the money and then you get down here and it’s just because they love the game,” said Glen Rogers, a father from Fort Wayne who […]

  • Trooper discusses viral semi accident video

    A Kentucky man and his son are lucky to be alive after a violent crash near Greensburg that sent a semi truck airborne and ignited a large fire. Now, the video of the crash, which took place along Interstate 74 on Thursday, is also catching fire online. In less than 24 hours, a YouTube video of the crash has generated more than 40,000 views and counting. “Obviously it was pretty extreme,” said Senior Trooper David Noah with the Indiana State […]

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