Krista developed a reputation as someone who can do it all. Prior to her arrival at FOX59 she held positions as a Meteorologist, Anchor, Producer and Reporter at NBC’s WFIE in Evansville, IN. Krista is a graduate of Purdue University, where she obtained dual degrees in both Meteorology and Theater Acting. Krista’s passion for all things outdoors only enhances her love of her chosen profession. Ever since a tornado struck near her childhood home when she was a child, Krista’s love for learning about severe weather has grown. She is extremely excited to be working with the team she grew up watching at FOX59 and returning to the area she has lived in for the last 10 years with her husband and two dogs.

Recent Articles
  • Tracking Sunday storms; Autumn air arrives just in time

    The summer heat is hanging on all the way until the end of the season. A cool down is on the way, however, it doesn’t last long. We made it up to 88° in Indianapolis Saturday afternoon. That’s more than 10-degrees above the average high for this time of year. While the average high temperature falls very quickly over the next couple of months, the heat has seemed relentless for nearly two weeks. We’ll be very warm and humid again […]

  • Waiting for rain; Warm streak continues

    The dry spell is continuing to intensify. This September is now the 3rd driest on record, to-date. The deficit is closing in on becoming 2″ below the average rainfall we should have had by this time. This is now the driest While we are tracking rain chances in the forecast, it’s not a lot. We stay warm the rest of the evening if we a few clouds around. However, it should be clear enough for you to see the International […]

  • Warming back up! Looking for rain

    The dry stretch rolls on! This September is the 5th driest on record. We’ve only received .01″ of rain all month long. We still have several more dry days this week before rain chances move in during the back half of the weekend. Wednesday has shaped up to be another sunny day. While it has been slightly muggy for a few of us, overall, humidity hasn’t been terrible and temperatures have been warm. Wednesday evening will be comfortable and dry. […]

  • Summer heat is hanging on!

    While we had a few morning showers, rain chances are going to be very slim for most of this next week. So far, September 2019 is running more than an inch and a half short of the rainfall we should have by this time of the month. We’ll have the chance for a few isolated showers overnight into Monday morning and then again Monday afternoon. However, most of us stay dry. Now that winds have shifted out of the southwest, […]

  • Rain chances remain limited; 90’s return next week

    A gorgeous start to the weekend! High pressure overhead has kept skies very sunny this through the afternoon. “Cooler” and less humid air has moved in, making for a very comfortable Saturday, compared to the last several days. The rest of the evening will be comfortable and dry. Lack of cloud cover this evening will allow temperatures to cool quickly after the sun goes down. While temperatures weren’t as hot this afternoon (no 90’s out there), it was still warm […]

  • Limited storm chances; Brief break from the 90’s

    Relief from the humidity is on its way! A cold front is moving through central Indiana this evening. Once it does it will bring drier and slightly cooler air with it. When dew point temperatures rise above 60°, that’s when we start to feel “uncomfortable.” The past several days, we’ve been dealing with dew point temperatures around 70°. That’s more consistent with a tropical environment. As the front moves through and winds shift out of the northwest, the humidity takes […]

  • Summer heat is hanging on; Rain chances to finish the work week

    The summer heat is maintaining its grip over central Indiana. Southwesterly winds are streaming in hot and humid air. High temperatures Wednesday afternoon will likely peak in the low 90s again. That would make for the 20th 90-degree day in Indianapolis, this year. The heat and humidity will hold for the next several days. Afternoon highs will remain well above average as we finish off this work week. A cold front moving in on Friday will knock the temperatures down […]

  • Heating up!

    Sunday marked the 4th consecutive day with below average temperatures in Indianapolis. While temperatures may have been on the cooler side, overall, it’s been quite comfortable outside. That’s all about to change. Summer isn’t quite ready to let go. Monday will be a little warmer, with highs near the average of 81° in the afternoon. Winds shifting out of the southwest on Tuesday will bring a surge of heat and moisture into the area. This begins our stretch of very […]

  • Tracking Sunday rain chances; Heating up next week!

    It was a great start to the weekend! Temperatures remained on the cool side but still very comfortable Saturday afternoon. Average high temperatures are dropping rapidly this month. In this first week of September, we’ve already lost 2-degrees off the average high. By the end of the month, we will have cooled off by another 9-degrees. We’ll be even cooler on Sunday. Highs will peak in the low 70’s with more cloud cover around. Showers may impact your plans out at […]

  • Limited rain chances tonight; Tracking a late season warm-up

    A wind shift early this morning has brought more humid air into central Indiana for your Friday. If you don’t like the muggy air, just wait, it’s not sticking around for long. A cold front moving through this afternoon/evening will sweep it right back out of here. A few spotty showers will be possible ahead of the front, however, most will stay completely dry. Overall, it’s still going to be a pretty nice evening for some Friday night football! As […]

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