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Lindy Thackston anchors FOX 59 Morning News weekdays from 4 to 7 a.m. She’s been with FOX 59 since October 2013. Lindy is a Hoosier and happy to be home!

While not in the newsroom, Lindy is an emcee for Indiana Pacers games and a trackside announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the IMS PA team.

Lindy has spent more than 16 years covering news, sports and entertainment. She has been an anchor and reporter at various stations, including WLFI-TV in Lafayette, Indiana, WSIL-TV in southern Illinois and First Coast News in Jacksonville, Florida.

She spent many years as an IndyCar Series pit reporter and pre-race host for the Versus Network and NBC Sports Network and also reported from college football sidelines for a few years.

Lindy has been a fill-in host for the Daily Buzz, a three-hour morning entertainment show that airs in a large part of the country, and a reporter for Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide Network.

She is the winner of two Edward R. Murrow awards and several Associated Press Awards.

Lindy is from Frankfort, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University.

She has been married to her husband Christian since January 2014 and they had a son in October 2015.

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