Matt Christy

Digital Content Producer

Matt Christy reports on news from across all of Indiana covering crime, politics, entertainment and many other topics that impact Hoosiers.


• • •

Matt Christy is a native Hoosier, born and raised in a small town in Northwest Indiana where he rooted for Chicago sports and had his watch set to Central Time.

In 2018, Matt joined FOX59/CBS4’s Indianapolis-leading newsroom where he works as part of the award-winning digital team who were honored in 2022 with a regional Murrow Award for Digital Excellence.

Before working in Indianapolis, Matt was a reporter and editor for the La Porte County Herald-Dispatch newspaper where his work was recognized by the Hoosier State Press Association and he was awarded first place in the HSPA Better Newspaper Contest for Best Profile Feature.

Matt is a graduate of Flashpoint Chicago where he studied film, dabbled in acting and wrote several film scripts. After working for a time in Los Angeles, Matt returned to his home state and used his passion for storytelling to begin his career in journalism.

When not penning truths, Matt enjoys penning fiction. He has an affinity for fantasy, spending his youth swinging imaginary swords while dreaming up grand adventures and heart-wrenching betrayals. To this day, he’ll watch any movie with a sword in it.

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