Mike Sullivan joined the FOX59 news team in June of 2018. He comes to Central Indiana after spending time reporting news and sports in Ohio and Minnesota.

Mike knew he wanted to be a reporter in his teens, and spent countless nights falling asleep to ESPN SportsCenter. He got his first taste of covering news during the Boston Marathon bombings. Mike jumped into action when the explosions went off just a few blocks from him. He was one of the first people to report live for his station in Boston, despite being a behind-the-scenes employee at the time. It was his first live report on-air. Needless to say, a reporter was born.

He left Boston, and became a multimedia journalist in Minnesota covering news and sports. There, Mike was a runner up for two Associated Press awards in both news and sports. He carried on his dual role while reporting in Dayton, Ohio. His experience in both facets of the newsroom has taken him from the sidelines of the MLB All-Star game to the tragic moments of school shootings.

Mike lives to tell interesting stories in a way that entertains and captivates his audience. Around the newsroom, you can often find him hatching an out-of-the-box scheme to tell his story in an unexpected and unique way.

Mike is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and is a graduate of Boston University. As is accustomed to anyone from New England, he is a Patriots and Red Sox fan, but he hopes Colts fans won’t hold that against him.

If you would like Mike to tell you story, you can reach out to him at msullivan@fox59.com.

Recent Articles
  • Mother seeking justice after son escapes from burning home on west side

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indy man is clinging to life after escaping a burning home on Beasley Street on Indy’s west side. Somehow, 23-year-old Trevor Shaw was able to reach a gas station for help despite being severely burned. His family says 93% of his body is covered in fourth-degree burns or worse. “Nobody can figure it out? I’m legit when I say my kid is a tank,” his mother said of his escape while also asking to remain anonymous. […]

  • Accident on potentially broken Bird scooter leaves man in wheelchair

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A potentially broken Bird scooter may be to blame for an Indianapolis man’s shattered future. “I can’t walk on that. I can’t move that. It will never be right again,” said Todd McAdams, who recently returned to Indianapolis for a job. He spent June 24 getting reacquainted with the Circle City while riding on a Bird scooter. When the battery died on one scooter, he snagged another on the corner of Washington Street and Missouri Street. “Only […]

  • Unnerving porch pirate swipes shoes along with family’s sense of safety

    NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A porch pirate was caught on camera in Noblesville, and the homeowners says the video reminds him of a horror movie. “Like The Ring, where she just crawls out of the TV, that’s what it felt like,” said homeowner Chris Eberhardt. He and his family spent Saturday night outside on their porch during a power outage. Hours later, their security camera caught a man slowly crawling up their porch after they left. The would-be-thief examined a few […]

  • Pacers among those helping Indy church after Grinch steals toys, clothes and electronics

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Grinch may have stolen holiday donations from one local church, but no one can take away Christmas spirit. The burglar broke into a storage unit at Church 52 in late June and made off with toys, clothes and electronics. The east side church holds an annual Christmas shopping experience for hundreds of families in need. “I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I was broken,” said Church 52 outreach coordinator Jamie Inskeep of the burglary. During the […]

  • Peyton Manning among former Colts stars who attended last day of training camp

    WESTFIELD, Ind. – Watch out Browns fans, the Sheriff is back in town! Peyton Manning made his presence felt at the last day of Colts training camp on Thursday. He’s one of several Colts legends to make an appearance during training camp this year. Manning was on hand to sign a few autographs, and to talk shop with the offense and defense. With the uncertainty surrounding Andrew Luck’s health heading into the regular season, some fans are curious to see […]

  • Local artists hope to bring mental health coffee shop to Indy

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A mental health coffee shop concept in Chicago may be making its way to Indy, along with public art for mental health awareness. Sip of Hope has been serving folks in Chicago for a year. All of their baristas are also trained in mental health and first aid. “The idea is coffee is the vehicle, or the conversation starter, and it’s an easy one,” said Jonny Boucher with Sip of Hope. “Be an ear because so often […]

  • Dozens of dead, rotting fish stink up Castleton neighborhood

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Castleton neighbors are in a fishy situation. A pond by their homes is full of dead, rotting, and maggot-filled fish. They blame the city, but Indianapolis Department of Public Works representatives say this was the plan all along. The dead fish result from a public works drainage project that runs along 75th Street and Hague Road. “The general feeling of the owners here was the city project was going to encompass removing the fish and the wildlife and relocating them […]

  • Muncie police officer moonlights as Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster

    MUNCIE, Ind. – Officer Kyle Temple has spent 20 years saving others as a cop and 30 more years helping them learn how to defend themselves. How so? He’s a Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster. Temple began studying the martial art in 1991.He began teaching it two years later. “I was the kid who just got into trouble, needed some guidance,” Temple said, paying homage to the Grandmasters who took him under their wing. “I just kind of feel like I owe, […]

  • DNA advancements help Danville police make arrests like never before

    DANVILLE, Ind. – The Danville Police Department says advancements in DNA identification are helping them solve crimes in ways they never could before. In the past several weeks, the department has solved two crimes using trace amounts of DNA left at scenes. In March, a routine traffic stop ended after one suspect led police on a high-speed chase down State Route 39. He crashed into a fence before fleeing on foot. “They had dogs and drones searching for him, and we were […]

  • IU football sees fewer head injuries after high-priced helmet investment

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University football kicks off their season in a few short weeks, and when they do, the Hoosiers will do so knowing they have thousands of dollars in equipment strapped to their heads. The university spent roughly $130,000 on state-of-the-art helmets a year ago. The results? “We did have a few less concussions last year,” said IU Athletics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andy Hipskind, who also admitted they can’t scientifically prove it was from the helmets. “The […]

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