Ron Smiley

Ron Smiley has called Indiana home since 2010. A father of two, Ron has been happily married since 2000 to his wife, Michelle.

Ron is active in the community, and there is a good chance that if there is food and a good cause at an event, he will be there. During his off times Ron spends a lot of time at the local YMCAs, along with some time on the campus of Ball State University. Ron also enjoys biking in his spare time and you’ll often times see him riding from Carmel to Downtown Indianapolis on the Monon Trail.

Ron holds his AMS seal and is working on completion of his CBM seal. He has worked for more than a decade forecasting the weather with stops in Arkansas, Mississippi and New Orleans. Ron considers himself an Arkansan, having lived in Arkansas for most of his childhood and was born in San Antonio, Texas. A lifelong spurs fan, he also loves cheering for the local professional teams and when possible goes in person to support them.

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