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FOX59’s Russ McQuaid is “old school.”
His career dates back to the Dark Ages of Media when there were no computers or cell phones or Twitter, which is why he said this biography will take more than 154 characters.
His journalistic mantra is that of early 20th century print curmudgeon H.L. Mencken, who said the goal of the reporter is to, “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”
Russ began his career in underground FM radio in the ‘70s at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, where he performed radio comedy with someday Hollywood superstar Tim Allen. However, Russ turned his back on fame and riches and celebrity so he could report stories of crime, corruption and hope from Indianapolis.
A legendary and famed former local Teamster once said of his journalistic skills, “You’re so good Jimmy Hoffa would’ve tried to bribe you.” Russ deems this high praise indeed.
Russ has one son, who is taller, smarter and better looking, so he considers his personal life a moderate success. His son enjoys making online videos, often making fun of his father. Russ likes to listen to Neil Young REAL LOUD! He once drank margaritas with Dolly and Stella Parton. His heroes are Woodward and Bernstein and Ben Bradley and Sgt. Sammy L. Davis (CMOH) who says, “You don’t lose until you stop trying. Never give up.” Not to be outdone in clever pithy quotes Russ says, “You gotta get up early if you’re gonna save the world,” which is his guiding inspiration to walk G Money the Dog every morning before coming to work to battle Evildoers.
Russ thanks you for watching FOX59 News because your continued viewership keeps him employed.

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  • 40th anniversary of Burger Chef case brings fresh inquiry

    SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The enduring mystery of the murders of four young Burger Chef employees, abducted from their Speedway fast food restaurant 40 years ago this weekend, has stretched all the way to Australia, where a film crew has planned a trip to Indianapolis to uncover clues to the unsolved killings. “I guess it was just the fact that it was four young people their lives cut short in the prime of their lives and it just spoke to me […]

  • IMPD stats show slight improvement over record 2017 murder tally

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For the first time in several years, the murder and homicide pace in Indianapolis has fallen below previous annual record totals. Despite three violent killings Tuesday night, the year to date tally so far this year in the Circle City compared to last year is down. Last year at this time, there were 159 homicides in Indianapolis, 138 of them ruled as murders. As of Thursday, that number is down slightly to 150 homicides and 136 murders. […]

  • Former deputy chief of IMPD named new director of Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – There will be a new leader at the academy that trains policemen and women from all over Indiana. Former IMPD Deputy Chief and U.S. Attorney’s Office Public Affairs Director Tim Horty has been named the Executive Director of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. The academy is located in Plainfield and annually graduates hundreds of local police officers and Indiana State Police recruits, as well as certifying other officers from throughout the state. Horty has been in law […]

  • Public housing safety budget holds steady but final figures a mystery

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Stung by double-digit crime increases, resident complaints and the revelation by IMPD Chief Bryan Roach that he didn’t know public housing safety and security was so problem-plagued, the Indianapolis Housing Agency Board of Commissioners passed a 2019 budget that is $10 million over this year’s spending plan and takes on more properties, yet officials can’t pinpoint how much they are willing to spend to keep residents safe next year. Interim Executive Director Jennifer Green said that while […]

  • Indianapolis teachers union leader’s debit card case referred to grand jury

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Marion County Grand Jury will now consider the case of an Indianapolis teachers union chief accused of misusing an association debit card for up to $150,000 in unauthorized withdrawals. Indianapolis Education Association President Rhondalyn Cornett resigned her post last Thursday after officials from the Indiana State Teachers Association confronted her about the suspected misspending. “There were no check and balances of how debit card was being used,” an IMPD initial report filed last Friday quotes ISTA […]

  • Indy Unsolved probes 2008 murder of Edward Hill

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — On July 1, 2008, Edward “Billy” Hill was in the midst of making multiple bad decisions that would eventually cost him his life. He had removed a court-ordered tracking device from his ankle and had an outstanding warrant for probation violation, been fronted $5,000 from a friend in St. Louis to buy some drugs, hooked up with a family member to acquire the narcotics and agreed to meet three men in the 3400 block of North Caroline […]

  • IMPD turns corner on crime with help from improved tech, data analysis

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Before Oct. 4, no one had ever paid much attention to Ronald McLain. “Recently we encountered a subject through a traffic stop. The subject fled and left behind six handguns and one rifle as well as illegal narcotics,” said IMPD Lt. Matt Thomas. “A second traffic stop was conducted by the Indiana State Police. The subject fled again. Another illegally possessed firearm was recovered.” Through improved gun evidence recovery practices in the field and the sharing of criminal intelligence […]

  • Seattle police recruit officers in Indianapolis

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A team of recruiters from the Seattle Police Department is in Indianapolis this week to interview police officers from all across the eastern United States and convince them to pull up stakes to patrol the streets of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle police have launched a lateral recruit campaign aimed at officers with more than three years of experience. “I think we realized that it’s expensive for people to come from out of state to test in Seattle,” […]

  • Indianapolis churches call for cease fire

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – From the pulpit at Purpose of Life Ministries, Rev. Antonio Anderson used his portion of morning worship services Sunday to extol the success of a gun buyback program the day before that traded nearly $20,000 in gift cards for almost 200 guns. “And with that program there was over 180 guns that were collected. So that’s 180 less weapons that can be used in a violent crime or some young person can steal out of somebody’s house,” […]

  • Indianapolis Housing Agency struggles under growing rate of crime

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Crime is climbing across the apartment and townhome properties that many of the Indianapolis Housing Agency’s (IHA) 22,000 residents call home. Ever since local officials stopped enforcing the “One Strike Rule,” a previous U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development policy to evict felons and persons accused of crimes from public housing, crime has increased the last two years and is up system wide 25-28 percent in 2018. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Chief Bryan Roach didn’t know […]