FOX59’s Russ McQuaid is “old school.”
His career dates back to the Dark Ages of Media when there were no computers or cell phones or Twitter, which is why he said this biography will take more than 154 characters.
His journalistic mantra is that of early 20th century print curmudgeon H.L. Mencken, who said the goal of the reporter is to, “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”
Russ began his career in underground FM radio in the ‘70s at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, where he performed radio comedy with someday Hollywood superstar Tim Allen. However, Russ turned his back on fame and riches and celebrity so he could report stories of crime, corruption and hope from Indianapolis.
A legendary and famed former local Teamster once said of his journalistic skills, “You’re so good Jimmy Hoffa would’ve tried to bribe you.” Russ deems this high praise indeed.
Russ has one son, who is taller, smarter and better looking, so he considers his personal life a moderate success. His son enjoys making online videos, often making fun of his father. Russ likes to listen to Neil Young REAL LOUD! He once drank margaritas with Dolly and Stella Parton. His heroes are Woodward and Bernstein and Ben Bradley and Sgt. Sammy L. Davis (CMOH) who says, “You don’t lose until you stop trying. Never give up.” Not to be outdone in clever pithy quotes Russ says, “You gotta get up early if you’re gonna save the world,” which is his guiding inspiration to walk G Money the Dog every morning before coming to work to battle Evildoers.
Russ thanks you for watching FOX59 News because your continued viewership keeps him employed.

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