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My name is Scott, or you can call me Scoop, Scoop J, or Scoop Jones, or whatever you like.
Just don’t call me late at night, because I work early! 

I co-anchor the FOX59 morning show with Kristin Kane from 4-7 a.m. If you ever get up that early, tune in because we try to bring you the news with a little bit of fun too.

I grew up in the Washington and Oregon, with an older brother, and lots of animals. Mom said I would often talk to the cat in a louder TV-type voice, “HELLO CAT”! So, she told me she was not surprised when I became a broadcaster.

Even though the weather is not the same as it is out west, the people are very similar. Both the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have great friendly people who love to chat. So if you ever see me out and about, stop and say hi.

I also like to go to the gym and stare at the weights. And I sort of play golf, or as I call it, “Throwing my clubs for distance.” My best club is the “foot wedge” if you know what I mean!

See ya on TV, or where ever we meet.

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