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My name is Scott, or you can call me Scoop, Scoop J, or Scoop Jones, or whatever you like.
Just don’t call me late at night, because I work early! 

I co-anchor the FOX59 morning show with Kristin Kane from 4-7 a.m. If you ever get up that early, tune in because we try to bring you the news with a little bit of fun too.

I grew up in the Washington and Oregon, with an older brother, and lots of animals. Mom said I would often talk to the cat in a louder TV-type voice, “HELLO CAT”! So, she told me she was not surprised when I became a broadcaster.

Even though the weather is not the same as it is out west, the people are very similar. Both the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have great friendly people who love to chat. So if you ever see me out and about, stop and say hi.

I also like to go to the gym and stare at the weights. And I sort of play golf, or as I call it, “Throwing my clubs for distance.” My best club is the “foot wedge” if you know what I mean!

See ya on TV, or where ever we meet.

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  • Winterizing your vehicle and putting together an emergency car kit

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Every year, millions of drivers are stranded because their car breaks down during the cold winter months. Sometimes it’s because of an accident.  Other times the breakdowns happen because a car is not properly maintained.  Whatever the case, there are important precautions to take and some items to take with you. “I like coming here, because it’s fast, efficient and it really stretches my dollar.  It’s about $45 on average to winterize my vehicle.  But again, there’s always a […]

  • Low cost ways to winterize your home

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  — Cold weather is finally here with lows now in the 20’s.  That means it’s time to prepare your home for the cold winter months. “Don’t wait too long.  A lot of people do and then it’s a rush on the stores.  Don’t wait until the temperatures go down to zero,” said Brian Chisman with Menards in Fishers. Chisman told FOX59 one of the simplest things you can do to winterize your home is to start by insulating […]

  • Spruce up your table and let someone else do the cooking for the holiday season

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Does your holiday table for Thanksgiving or Christmas look rather bland with just the basics? If you like to decorate your table during the holidays, experts say you should start with the centerpiece because it will really set the scene. “The idea is make it wonderful and make it last.  I like to use faux candles.  They look so much more realistic than they use to and they’re safe.  For Thanksgiving I’m make sure there are plenty […]

  • How to save some money on your bathroom renovation

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Most homeowners don’t know exactly what they want in their bathrooms when they are considering a renovation. There are so many elements it can be confusing.  That’s why in this competitive market, more stores offer designers.  If that’s the case where you’re shopping, take full advantage of the free advice! “We have free design services here at the store.  We actually have three designers on staff in our store in Indianapolis that can really piece together all […]

  • Learn to paint and then go to a Pacers game

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – If you like basketball, going on a date, and maybe painting, we have the perfect time and place for you. It’s the Wine and Canvas “No Place Like Home” event coming up Nov. 17. You can register for what they’re calling the “ultimate date night” with friends and family. You learn to paint and then you stay for the Pacers’ game. It’s the trifecta of terrific. The owners of Wine and Canvas, for the south Indianapolis location, […]

  • Clean duct work can save time, money and your health

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Ever wonder what lurks behind your heating and cooling vents? Most homeowners rarely, if ever, have their systems thoroughly cleaned.  Changing out filters at the furnace is not the same, but it’s a must. The filters only catch some of the particles. Over time, the vast majority of debris and dust ends up trapped in your duct work throughout your house. “We can use this camera in a tiny tube to run through your vents to see if […]

  • 75 ways to save on home energy costs

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Home energy bills have skyrocketed this year, mainly because of our never-ending warm weather and extremely hot summer. When the cooler weather finally arrives, you’ll have to deal with your heating costs. But there is a free service to check out your home’s efficiency. “So today we’re here at this home in Indianapolis for an E-score home energy assessment. We are basically helping the homeowner understand what problems there may be for their home in terms of […]

  • Tired of household chores? Let someone else ‘Takl’ it for you

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s like Uber for household chores. Takl is a company that provides a service now available in central Indiana. If you don’t want to “tackle” cleaning the garage, the app has you covered. Company officials say you can find help in minutes or hours – not days. “Indianapolis is one of our newer cities. We launched the service from Nashville and now we are here in central Indiana. We are just thrilled with the response we’ve gotten so far […]

  • Save on costumes and gifts as the holidays approach

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It’s time to think about Halloween costumes, especially if you have kids. If you don’t want to end up with a monster bill for outfits, there are ways to save some big bucks.  First thing to realize is that shopping for kids can be a never-ending process because they grow fast and can outgrow their clothes just as quickly! “I’m always looking for a good deal, especially because I have a large family.  We have a full […]

  • Indy boutique specializes in items under $50

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– If you have a passion for fashion, but a purse for the worse, you are in luck. In just a matter of days, a boutique in Fishers will have you covered on cost and on fashion tips. They have ideas and items that should have you striking a pose for less. “It’s a great place to shop. Eighty percent of the items in our store sell for under $50. You can easily put together an entire outfit for […]