My name is Scott, or you can call me Scoop, Scoop J, or Scoop Jones, or whatever you like.
Just don’t call me late at night, because I work early!

I co-anchor the FOX59 morning show with Lindy Thackston from 4-7 a.m. If you ever get up that early, tune in because we try to bring you the news with a little bit of fun too.

I grew up in the Washington and Oregon, with an older brother, and lots of animals. Mom said I would often talk to the cat in a louder TV-type voice, “HELLO CAT”! So, she told me she was not surprised when I became a broadcaster.

Even though the weather is not the same as it is out west, the people are very similar. Both the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have great friendly people who love to chat. So if you ever see me out and about, stop and say hi.

I also like to go to the gym and stare at the weights. And I sort of play golf, or as I call it, “Throwing my clubs for distance.” My best club is the “foot wedge” if you know what I mean!

See ya on TV, or where ever we meet.

Recent Articles
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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo is a fun experience for young and old! So who’s enjoying it most? “I think Santa’s Village is very enjoyable for our younger guests but around this time of year we find some of our older guests also really get into it as well,” said Carla Knapp, public relations specialist at the Indianapolis Zoo. The house of mirrors is also part of the fun and comes with your zoo admission.  It is challenging […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s time to see if the FOX59 morning crew could do your job! It’s the week-long series called “Hired or Fired,” and Scott Jones is the first to give it a try. From morning anchor to rug cleaner, this story is about getting out all the dirt, and grime and seeing if he can do it like the professionals.. or at least not get fired. Have you seen the online carpet cleaning videos from Indianapolis companies Oriental […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  It’s not easy achieving your resolutions if you make them.  We are helping you plan for your resolutions well ahead of 2020.  In this case we aren’t talking about building up your biceps, but building a budget, saving money, and making a profit on your investments. Few people actually reach their resolutions. In fact, most give up within the first month of the New Year, but technology can help.  Whether you’re trying to pay off debt or […]

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    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — You vehicle can take a big bite out of your monthly budget. That’s why it’s important to make your car last. You also want it to be in good shape if you sell it. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep your car running smoothly without spending much money. The first thing to do is find a place you trust if you’re having someone else do the work.  You can also look for coupons.  Depending on the […]

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  • Save money by getting your garden ready for spring now

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — You couldn’t ask for much better weather to do a little work outside: you won’t freeze and you won’t sweat too much. That’s great news because now is the time to get your plants and trees ready to burst into action next spring.  We are stretching your dollar with several tips for your green thumb to save a lot of green.  Spring is when most people hit the gardening centers but now is just as good, if […]

  • Help clear the shelters with $25 cat adoptions on Saturday

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  It’s a one-day deal that can give a cat a forever home and also give you a friend. The IndyHumane Society is putting on a $25 cat adoption this Saturday, October 12 with the helpful sponsorship of The Bissell Pet Foundation. “Kittens are normally $75 to adopt and adult cats are normally $50, but this Saturday they are only $25. The Empty the Shelters Adoption Event is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at IndyHumane on Michigan […]

  • Habitat for Humanity sells donated home goods at ReStores across central Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — If you’re looking for something for your house, there’s a good chance you will find it at one of Central Indiana’s Habitat for Humanity ReStores.  Did you even know they had stores?  It’s all donated stuff, and some of it is brand new and still in the box. “We get new stuff donated from either the manufacturer or people.  You or I end up buying something that we may not end up using, and our customers benefit,” […]

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