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T. Edward Prestige Brands Division Proudly Announces the Acquisition of Churchill's Port

In a significant move to bolster its portfolio of world-class fine wine producers, T. Edward Prestige Brands Division is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the renowned Churchill's Port. 

NEW YORK, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded by Johnny Graham in 1981, Churchill's Port stands as a testament to the rich legacy of the Graham family, offering some of the finest ports in the world. Notably, it remains one of the most significant boutique houses outside of the umbrella of giants like Symington Family Estates and Taylor Fladgate.

A hallmark of Churchill's Port is its unwavering commitment to quality. Every grape is sourced from Grade-A vineyards, ensuring the highest caliber of produce. Furthermore, all grapes undergo the traditional and rigorous process of human foot-treading in granite lagares. This dedication to vintage treatment, coupled with a longer-than-normal fermentation time, results in Churchill's uniquely dry style of port.

Included in this acquisition are the following exquisite offerings:

  1. Churchill's LBV - 750ML
    • Sourced from the best selections of our Douro grade-A vineyards each harvest, this LBV has real vintage pedigree and ageing potential to match. Matured in large oak vats for 4 years and bottled unfiltered, this elegant port retains intense dark fruit flavours. A full-bodied velvety port, with a fresh long-lasting finish.
  2. Churchill's Reserve Port - 750ML 
    • Matured in seasoned oak vats for three years, our signature house blend is rich, complex and unusually fruity, with distinctive wild berry aromas. A vibrant and expressive young Port with plenty of natural acidity, balance and pedigree.
  3. Churchill's Tawny 10 - 750ML
    • This tawny port has been aged in seasoned oak casks for an average of 10 years. It shows a fresh and vibrant character, with a brick red colour and a complex fragrance of dried fruits and red cherries.
    • Score: WS: 91, JS: 91
  4. Churchill's Tawny 20 - 750ML
    • This tawny port has been aged in seasoned oak casks for an average of 20 years, smoothing the tannins and revealing layers of complexity. Awake and full of finesse, Churchill's 20 Year Old Tawny is savoury and rich with a good grip through the finish.
    • Score: WS: 92, RP: 91, JS: 92
  5. Churchill's Vintage - 750ML
    • This is a big, ripe year where the natural acidity of Quinta da Gricha plays an important role in the Vintage blend. With a powerful ox-blood colour, this muscular Port has a fresh vein of tannin that enhances its fruity aroma, bringing vibrancy to its rich, jammy palate and ensuring a balanced and elegant finish. This is a concentrated but fresh Vintage Port with an intrinsic quality to age beautifully in bottle for several decades.
  6. Churchill's Dry White Port - 750ML 
    • This Dry White Port's distinctive golden colour and smooth nutty flavours are the result of skin fermentation followed by a decade of ageing in seasoned oak casks. With aromas of grated nutmeg and eucalyptus, this port is fresh and complex, showing hints of orange peel.
    • RP - 91, D - 92
  7. Churchill's Tawny 30 - 750ML
    • This tawny port has been aged in seasoned oak casks for an average of 30 years, maturing gently to reach a delicate intensity. Seductive and enveloping, it combines notes of toffee and cedar wood with floral and menthol undertones.

T. Edward Prestige Brands Division

A division of T. Edward Wines and Spirits, a New York-based importer and wholesaler of hand-crafted beverages, T. Edward's Prestige Brands Division continues its journey of curating a collection of the world's finest wines; the inclusion of Churchill's Port is a testament to its commitment to offering nothing but the best to its esteemed clientele.

For more information, tasting notes, and bottle shots, please reach out to our Prestige Brands Division.

Anthony Zraly

Director of Prestige Brands

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