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Half a billion Africans can now access banking with revolutionary off-line App

CLAYMONT, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Start-up RemitPlus, a Bevo Inc company, are on a mission to connect over half a billion people to the African financial ecosystem.

They’re providing Africa’s largest financial institutions with a revolutionary off-line banking app that every African can use to access financial services.

Over half a billion people in Africa cannot afford to access financial services or are unbanked. This is largely due to the cost of internet access that is often required to access the majority of digital financial services. Those that do have access to the internet face the high transaction fees associated with alternative banking channels and fraud rates are usually high.

The key to providing unbanked Africans with secure and affordable financial access is the RemitPlus off-line banking app, which enables financial institutions to offer customers a seamless transaction with their banks without the need to pay for a costly internet subscription.

The app works in off-line mode and due to the start-ups patented and proprietary technology, banks can lower the costs of transactions, promoting financial inclusion and removing barriers to financial services for all Africans.

Co-founder and CEO Emeka Madu believes “This is an unprecedented service which will help those underserved in Africa with more banking opportunities. Our revolutionary app will bridge the divide and build wealth across the Continent. Giving all the opportunity to access affordable and safe banking.”

Remit Plus supports women entrepreneurs and aims to promote their businesses' growth and acceleration in Africa by connecting them to vital financial services and further by providing them with zero transaction fees at partner banks. Emeka Madu further commented, “We know that these extra savings will be vital in enabling women entrepreneurs to reinvest into their business, which in turn will help enrich lives across Africa."

The company also have exciting future plans including creating new off-line apps that power the block-chain industry in Africa. As well as the introduction of new payment products which will support the ethos of reducing the cost of doing business and accessing African financial services. Their overall aim being to achieve financial inclusion for all Africans.

About RemitPlus:
RemitPlus builds off-line financial apps that provides affordable financial services access to the half a billion underserved in Africa. As the industry’s only offline Banking App for financial services in Africa, RemitPlus makes it possible for financial institutions to be able to provide to their customers a seamless and cost-effective way to transact with them without the need to have internet connection.
With the RemitPlus off-line banking applications, financial inclusion has finally become a reality in Africa

Tina Onukogu
Marketing Communications Officer, RemitPlus
2093 Philadelphia Pike,
#8130 Claymont, DE 19703
United States
Contact Information: tina.onukogu@remitplus.net

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