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Levi Metheny Receives the Dow Jones Sales Development Representative of the Year Award

Levi Metheny was awarded the Dow Jones Sales Development Representative of the Year at the Dow Jones America’s All Hands Sales Conference.

PRINCETON, NJ, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Dow Jones America’s All Hands Sales Conference took place between November 2-3 in Princeton, New Jersey. The event was attended by different business sectors across the Dow Jones Americas teams. Levi Metheny was honored with the "Sales Development Representative of the Year Award", given to the sales development representative who booked the most combined milestone and opportunity meetings in the year 2022.

“I am grateful for this very humbling experience to see the hard work grit, and determination I learned from my athletic career and transferred these intangible skills to the workforce,” says Metheny, sales representative at the Dow Jones PIB Sales team. “I would not have been able to accomplish this task without the leadership of the management team, support, and education from account managers, account executives, specialists, and the rest of the team who work so hard day in and day out.”

Dow Jones brings together global-leading data, media, and intelligence solutions to top companies. Dow Jones is one of the most respected global news and information powerhouse, bringing advanced and innovative technology expert research to the forefront. The company is also committed to the philosophy of responsible corporate citizenship, focusing on 3 key areas: volunteering, philanthropy, and minimizing environmental impact.

Levi Metheny is a graduate of Murray State University where he earned his MBA and continued his athletic career. As a talented athlete who loved football and physical activity, he played through college, receiving a full-ride scholarship for the University at Albany where he played linebacker. Mr. Metheny was a starter for three years and was acknowledged as FCS Pres-Season All-American. He also received the CAA All-Conference award and was an active volunteer in the community.

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