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Plasma Energy Spheres Bringing Plasma Energy Based "Med Bed" Technology to Homes in the United States and Canada

Plasma Energy Spheres set up and used in a home.

A photo of Plasma Energy Spheres being used in a home bedroom

A photo showing some of the frequency codes offered on the app.

Plasma Energy Sphere frequency code chart sample

A look ast more of the frequency codes that can be run for the body photo

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New "med bed" type technology is being developed and now putting it into the hands of home owners around the United States.

New "med bed" technology is making its way to the public. The term "med bed" is beginning the focus on energy and frequency based technology. The Plasma Energy Spheres are a new med bed technology.”
— Sean Callahan
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, USA, February 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "Med Beds" and med bed type technology are a new term and subject that is reaching the general public. Although the term "med bed" can have many meanings many are hearing this term in reference to energy and frequency based technology. There are many rumors that the government has med bed pods that will eliminate disease, injuries and other ailments and although none of that can be confirmed or denied there are many new frequency based technologies making their way into the public. (source:https://tonyortega.org/2021/04/15/q-patriots-convinced-med-beds-are-about-to-arrive-to-cure-disease-grow-limbs/) One of these technologies is called "Plasma Energy Spheres", which uses plasma energy and thousands of frequencies codes to help rejuvenate the body and cells.

In the early 20th century many pioneers including Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife and Georges Lakofsky started learning and working with plasma energy based technologies and also assembling catalogs of frequencies. There are many photos with Tesla working with plasma based devices and Royal Rife built a microscope which could see live cells and then determine the frequency that they resonated at. With the work of these people and many more frequency based charts were assembled to figure out ways to target unhealthy cells and restore them back to their normal oscillation rates or remove them. This was some of the core based technology that was developed over one hundred years ago that modern day scientists have built their work on.

Enter the 21st century with digital technology and modern tools to work with and now there are dozens, if not more, of frequency and energy based technologies being used to assist health and wellness issues around the world. One of the newest and more popular devices is a product called "Plasma Energy Spheres" which use the foundational technology of early pioneers with a more modern application. These plasma spheres use plasma energy to deliver frequency codes and by using a dual sphere set up they also perform "Phase Conjugation" which creates a scaler energy field the person sits in. In addition the delivery of this energy also delivers a cascade of some of the most beneficial frequencies for the body. Unlike many of the single tube plasma systems, which ran individual frequencies to the body, the Plasma Energy Spheres are able to run many frequencies simultaneously and thus have become more powerful with the development of these applications. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the fact that these energy spheres are now becoming more affordable and are now technology which many more residents can afford to use at home.

"We are seeing a large number of people looking for free government med beds which are being rumored to come out sometime in the future and although we do not know much about that there is technology now that is available to the general public", said USA Med Bed, LLC president Sean Callahan. There is a lot of documentation from people as to what med bed technology incorporates and although it seems to be a vast subject it is clear that plasma based technology may in fact be one of the core technologies some of these med beds utilize. The Plasma Energy Spheres may in fact be one of the first of these affordable type of technologies that is making its way into homes around the United States'. We are also seeing large sales with Anti Aging Bed Covers and Tesla Coils which also offer many potential health benefits, he concluded.

The Plasma Energy Spheres are operated from an app on the iTunes Store. The app allows the end user to target most parts of the body and run frequency codes that are Golden Mean frequencies. It is reported by scientists and the inventors of these products that the Golden Ratio frequencies assist the cells in cellular function and rejuvenation. (source: http://www.fractalfield.com/conjugategravity/) These are many of the frequencies that early pioneers like Nikola Tesla used in his work and also those of Georges Lakofsky with the multi wave oscillators. The Plasma Energy Spheres can be viewed as a more modern application of this technology and may in fact be one of the most affordable "med bed" related technologies to be used in homes priced at around $3,500.

As more and more of this energy and frequency based technology continues to be developed in the digital age so to do the number of products being offered to consumers in the health and wellness category. The Plasma Energy Spheres and the delivery of a Phase Conjugation type technology is certainly one of many frequency based technologies coming out and one of most popular with USA Med Bed, LLC who focuses on these types of technologies.

For more information on Plasma Energy Spheres and other med bed type technology products visit www.usamedbed.com or contact USA Med Bed, LLC at 858-652-1259.

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