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TYLER, Texas, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading B2B payments company, announced today its enhanced security measures to fight the widely prevalent fraud attempts targeting payment companies and users.

As a payment service provider receiving hundreds of new-user registrations daily, has instituted multi-level screening before approving every new account application. As part of the heightened security focus, the Texas-based payments company partnered with Sift Fraud Management to verify the quality of all new registrations before admitting to its platform. The new integration will allow to add another layer of security, thereby proactively protecting user accounts and data to secure every transaction. has been clocking impressive growth since its inception, acquiring more than 20,000 registered users monthly. Businesses adopt this payment platform to reduce the complexities of their payments and accounting. The B2B payment platform is known for continuous product innovations; moreover, it provides free business bank accounts to its customers through its association with Zil online Banking. CEO Sabeer Nelli noted the ever-increasing incidences of payment fraud and the necessity of industry-wide vigil against this menace to protect customer funds and data. He added, "Fraud is a big problem for all payment companies, and we are committed to doing our part in fighting it. Our enhanced security measures will help us catch fraudulent activities early and protect our users from scams."

The recently launched service by, 'Pay Any Business with Your Credit Card,' has resulted in businesses' faster adoption of the platform. The convenience to pay suppliers, contractors, or vendors with credit cards even if payees don't accept credit card payments, along with the existing product lines covering digital checks, printable checks, mail checks, ACH, Wire Transfer, get-paid-links, and international payments, has catapulted the platform to a must-have stature among US Businesses. was originally created as a payment solution for Tyler Petroleum and proved so effective that it soon became publicly available. Tyler Petroleum was the first company for Sabeer Nelli, with 200+ employees and a $60 million turnover.

Zil Money Corporation, the parent company of,, and, provides state-of-the-art payment solutions for businesses across the United States and overseas. The payment solutions offered by Zil Money Corporation include Check drafts, Digital checks, ACH, domestic and international wire, Debit cards, and Gift cards.

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