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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — Joe and Sarah Avampato have owned Mooresville Showtime Cinema for the last four years.  It may look like your typical movie theater, but it’s not!  Joe and Sarah make it a priority to get to know their customers and give back to the community.

“We’re right there as they come through the door.  Usually most times they’ll meet either my wife or myself so we see them quite often.  We get to know their first name, we welcome them back, it’s a nice touch we’re able to do,” Joe said.

Every summer for eight weeks on Wednesday mornings around 10 they run a kids movie for all ages.

“Admission is 50 cents, but what we prefer is a donation of a nonperishable food item or hygiene product that we donate to Church’s in Mission.  They’re a great organization, they help a lot of people and we’re happy to do it,” Joe said.

After their summer series comes to an end, they start up their senior program.

“The first Wednesday of most months, with the exclusion of the kids’ series, we run a free senior movie.  All ages come in for it.  They get free coffee, free donuts, free juice, a free movie and it’s sponsored by a local funeral home so that’s the reason we’re able to do that.”

They also accommodate kids and adults with special needs and they have special equipment for the hearing impaired.

“We call it Sully Days here.  It’s for people who have autism or sensory challenges, it’s generally the third weekend of one of our kids shows, both on a Saturday and Sunday. The first show of the day we run a movie with the sound lower and the lights up to make it more comfortable for them.  The hearing impaired equipment we just recently got installed, brings up the volume for the movie, it’s a headset you can wear and it works in all of our screens,” Joe said.

And throughout the year if your school or organization wants to hold a fundraiser, the theater will help you out with whatever your fundraising goal may be.

“We get together with a lot of schools, different groups and organizations that do fundraisers here, but we charge them a set fee to cover our ticket costs and then they’re able to go out and sell tickets to their people and they pay us and they keep the difference,” said Joe.

“We sell bee equipment, we sell bees, we sell pretty much everything in the bee keeping industry, so we sell honey, we sell hive products and products we make from the hive,” said Debbie Seib, co-owner of Seib’s Hoosier Honey.

Debbie and her husband Mike know their bees and bees have been keeping them busy for the last 7 years!

“About seven years ago we retired from full-time jobs and we were going to have about 10 hives and we were going to swing on the porch and read our books and do that kind of thing and then we realized there wasn’t a business around here that sold this equipment,” Debbie said. “That’s why we started getting into it and from there it just kind of evolved.  The more we did, the more people wanted, the more people came to us and we do a lot of helping with education and we try to help out a lot of people who want to get started in bee keeping. They don’t know where to start, and we do a lot of mentorship.”

Once a year in May the couple holds a “New Bee” day.

“We bring them in here and we do education with a 2.5 hour overview, like what’s a bee, what’s a hive, what’s an egg look like, those kinds of things, basic things and we bring them out here.  We do a three-station round robin. One station is to show them how to put their equipment together, one station is to show them different types of equipment and then we suit everybody up and we get out in the hives and they get to hear the buzzing and they get to see the queen and hold the frames up and they get all excited about it.”

If you’re not interested in becoming a beekeeper or learning about bees, but you enjoy honey, you can stop by and pick up jars and other handmade products like soap, lotions and lip balm.

“You can use honey for anything that calls for sugar, so if you have a recipe that calls for sugar, you can substitute honey for it.  You can use it for baking.  Baking uses a darker honey; it retains more of the honey flavor,” Debbie said. “If you want to use it for toast and get more flavor, you might like a light honey which is a sweeter taste or a medium colored honey, which is a little bit more of a full bodied taste.  Also an ice cream topping, we put pecans in it and use it for pancakes with our pecans.  There’s nothing you can’t use honey on for food and honey has a lot of medicinal purposes as well.”

Before you go, call ahead to schedule an appointment!