“Your Town Friday” takes you to Atlanta, Indiana!

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“We’re Reynolds Farm Equipment. We’ve been a John Deere dealership since 1955 and this is our new headquarters in Atlanta, Indiana for the last 2 years now but we have 5 locations in Atlanta, Fishers, Lebanon, Mooresville and Muncie.  We serve the agricultural and residential homeowner and large property owners and construction for equipment needs,” said Michael Lawson of Reynolds Farm Equipment.
In addition to agricultural and residential equipment for your lawn or garden, Reynolds Farm Equipment also sells John Deere brand items and accessories....like toys, hats and clothing.  The shop even has a restaurant!

"Combine Cafe was created when we built the store for those traveling up and down US 31 because you have to get south of Kokomo or north of Westfield to find another place to sit down.  It's kind of a destination location.  It's a little unique, a first of its kind really for any John Deere dealership in the country to have a restaurant open to employees and the public," said Michael.

The cafe features earthy foods. They're open for breakfast and lunch from 6:30 to 2:30.  And if you can’t make it out to the shop, but you need your equipment serviced, the folks from Reynolds will come to you!

"Service to the equipment is extremely key for our business.  A lot of people don’t have the means to bring the equipment to us so we bring our trucks to their equipment, whether that’s on the farm or at the home.  We have a full selection of tools on the trucks and parts so you call us and we come to you service," said Michael.

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The historic Roads Hotel sits off East Main Street in Atlanta, Indiana...but it's not an actual hotel.

"The house was built in 1893 by Newton Roads.  It was a hotel and there are railroad tracks down the road, so it was a popular stop at the turn of the century.  It's operated as a hotel and a speakeasy during Prohibition.  In the 60's it was an apartment home, in the 70's it was privately owned and sat empty for while in the 80's.  It was then privately owned again and then Gail Sanchez bought it in 2010 and since then we do a lot of charity events and do paranormal investigations on the weekends and the money we get from that is how we restore the house," said Jeffrey Morgan the caretaker of the Roads Hotel.

Right now the Roads Hotel opens their doors to many charity events and they're linked with different paranormal groups.

"Paranormal teams come in almost every weekend and do investigations Friday and Saturday nights.  We've had reports of people seeing full bodied apparitions to hearing voices, disembodied voices on audio tape, the whole gamut, just all kinds of things that go bump in the night," said Jeffrey.
If you want to visit on your own all you have to do is send the hotel a message on Facebook.

"The house is booming with history.  Even If you're not into the paranormal aspect, just the history that’s here, knowing so many people have been through here, with it being a hotel, you obviously had a lot of people come through and that makes it interesting for everyone," said Jeffrey.






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