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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — You don’t have to go all the way to Chicago to get a taste of the Windy City.

“They’re not going to get the type of food in this area if they’re just swinging in, they’ll have to come back another day or drive to Chicago.  It’s their one shot during their trip they can live Chicago!” said Jeff Sepiol, owner co-owner of Rush on Main in Zionsville.

“It was earlier this year in January, Johnny Vargo, my partner and good friend, we were talking about it, I wanted to do it, he wanted in and it seemed like a good fit,” said Jeff.

The pair just opened three months ago and already the feedback has been amazing!  People love their second floor space and the fresh homemade bites that head chef Scott whips up in this open kitchen.

“We have home style chips, we don’t do French fries, so we replace them with home style chips and we dress them up in a few different ways.  We have one we called potatcho, it’s a playoff nachos only using home style potato chips, that’s a huge seller!  We have Bavarian pretzel sticks that people love, we have chop salads which are a big item in Chicago and then you’ll get to the sandwich section and you’ll see our Italian beef, Italian sausage which we cook in house every day and we slice every day,” Jeff said.

“Whatever you order today we slice the same day so it’s as fresh as can be.  We also Vienna beef hot dogs which are famous in Chicago, specifically the Chicago dog, with neon green relish, peppers , tomatoes and pickles, the neon relish is a hit, people love it, the kids love it too!” said Jeff.

Jeff and Johnny both grew up in the Chicago area so they wanted to bring a little of that Windy City food and feel to Zionsville for families and adults to enjoy!

“We sell a lot of Moscow Mules; we infuse our vodka, so we do a Pear Mule, Blueberry Mule, and Blackberry Mule.  I think we’re doing an Apple Cinnamon Mule soon and we have a few other drinks.  My partner Johnny has created a Manfashion with a twist, which is good, and we have a lot of local draft beers and bottle beers and we try to stay local or regional, we mix it up,” said Jeff.

And something pretty neat, you can “Friend-A-Drink” at Rush on Main.

“It’s a great place to relax and be with your family, we’re not just a pie shop, there are lot of unique businesses you can’t find anywhere else, even in the nation, so it’s a great relaxing afternoon you can spend with family,” said Kelly Maucere, owner of My Sugar Pie.

Kelly opened “My Sugar Pie” in Zionsville five years ago, but her pie baking started long before that!

“I started the business almost nine years ago in January and I started it because pie baking was a hobby of mine and I was getting to the point where my kids were out of diapers and I was thinking what am I going to do next and I was doing all these kinds of volunteer things around town and wanted to do something else with my life and thought hey why don’t I try this, see where it goes, and friends had told me you need to start this business, you need to sell these pies,” said Kelly.

She started at Zionsville’s Cobblestone Grill using their kitchen, selling at the Zionsville Farmers Market, building a clientele base and reputation.

“I got all the restaurant orders too and that propelled me to where I couldn’t do it on my own anymore.  I needed my own kitchen and my own employees.  We do all the pies for St. Elmo’s, the Harry and Izzy’s restaurants, we have a brand new restaurant we’re doing in Bloomington called Uptown Café, so we’re excited about that.  We do the Cobblestone Grill and that’s where I got my start,” said Kelly.

Kelly now has about 20 employees that work every day, all different hours because her pies are popular!

“We’re known for the Dutch apple, that’s our number one seller always and then sugar cream is the one featured in People Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Oprah likes our strawberry rhubarb but the sugar cream is the one we’re famous for and that’s the Indiana state pie.  We focus more on the fruit and high quality ingredients rather than the goopy filling that other businesses put in there, everything is from scratch, everything is fresh, we use fresh apples, strawberry, peaches and the crust is what people get excited for and that’s my mom’s recipe,” said Kelly.

While Kelly has a lot on her menu, she can also do whatever pleases your palette!

“We can do just about any kind of fruit pie you want.  If you have a family recipe and you want us to make that family recipe, give us a few days’ notice.”

Kelly can also ship her pies!  She has a great website where you can order online.