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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Authorities on Wednesday released recordings of 911 calls made after a shooter opened fire inside the Greenwood Park Mall, killing three people and injuring two others.

Within 15 seconds, bystander Elisjsha Dicken was able to step in and prevent further deaths by killing the shooter with his handgun.

Amidst the panic, numerous individuals called 911 for help. The recordings capture a glimpse of the chaos experienced at the scene of the mass shooting.

911 Recordings

Many 911 calls were directed to Bartholomew County as Johnson County’s dispatch center was overwhelmed with calls. Here are the transcripts of several 911 calls:

Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller, voice wavering with fear: “Yeah, there’s been a shooting at Greenwood Park Mall.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, I’m going to transfer you to Johnson County.”

Caller: “Oh, the police is here already.”

Dispatcher: “Okay.”


Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Hi, Greenwood Park Mall. There’s been a shooting. Get here fast.”

Dispatcher: “I’m going to transfer you to Johnson County, okay?

Caller: “Please, please send people here, please.”

Dispatcher: “How many [shooters]?”

Caller: “I don’t know. We’re in J.D. sporting goods back, back. They’re trying to get in. Please, please, please, please hurry, hurry.


Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Hello, I am at Greenwood Park Mall, and there were gunshots.”

Dispatcher: “We’ve received multiple calls on it. I’m going to transfer you to Johnson County.”

Caller: “I’m sorry, what did you say? Hello?”

Dispatcher: “I’m transferring you to Johnson County, ma’am. You’ve reached Bartholomew County, okay?”

Caller: “Okay, um, okay. What do I do now? … What do I do now? I’m in some storage room because they were nice enough to let us in, but I just want to tell you that, can you please send some cops over?

Dispatcher: “Yeah, I’m trying to get you transferred up to Johnson County, okay? We’ve had multiple calls on it, and there are officers on the way, okay?”

Caller: “Please, please help us. Thank you.”


Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller, through tears: “Hello, I’m in Greenwood mall, and there was an open shots fired.”

Dispatcher: “Let me transfer you to Johnson County, okay?”

Caller: “Okay, thank you.”

Dispatcher: “Did you see what he looked like or who did it?”

Caller: “No, I was in the store, and it was just very loud, and everyone was running.”


Dispatcher: “911, where is your emergency?”

Caller: “Hi, I have my daughter on my other phone. She’s called me, she works at (redacted) at the Greenwood Park Mall, and she said there were people running through yelling to get out of the mall because there was someone shooting.”

Dispatcher: “Yeah, there’s an active shooter there it sounds like.”

Caller: “Well ma’am, she’s stuck in the back room. Like, she’s by herself in the store.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, well tell her to stay in a safe place or call 911.”

Caller: “Okay, well she can’t get out to shut the like doors to the store because she’s afraid to leave the back room. So, I don’t know what to tell her to do at this point, I mean.”

Dispatcher: “Tell her to just to lock herself in the room and call 911.”

Caller: “She’s locking herself in the bathroom she said. But then she can’t see the cameras if somebody comes in the store.”

Dispatcher: “Well, if she’s locked in the bathroom tell her to just stay in there.”


Dispatcher: “911, state your emergency.”

Caller: “I request additional fire personnel. We have people down in the food court here.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, you’re in the Greenwood mall?”

Caller: “Yeah, this is (redacted).”

Dispatcher: “Sir, can you tell how many shooters there are?”

Caller: “There was three shots went off. (Incomprehensible). We request additional fire department and uh..”

Dispatcher: “Sir, I understand. Are you injured at all?”

Caller: “No. I’m at the food court. I’m at Luca Pizza. I got (incomprehensible) safe.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, sir I understand. We’ve got multiple calls on it. Can you tell me how many shooters there are?”

Caller: “There was one. Mike, how many shooters was there? One or two?”

Dispatcher: “There was one?”

Caller: “We’re not sure.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, sir we’ve got multiple calls. We’ve got help on the way. We’ve got multiple calls. Just stay where you’re at, and try to barricade where you can.”

Caller: “Alright. My wife’s somewhere inside the mall, too.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, I want you to stay where you’re at, and try to stay safe. We’ve got everybody on the way.”


Dispatcher: “911, what’s the address of your emergency?”

Caller, with the sounds of a baby in the background: “Uh, the Greenwood Park Mall.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, ma’am. Are you in a safe place? Can you hide in a closet or something like that?”

Caller: “We’re in a store that shut the gate.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, have you seen the shooter?”

Caller: “No, we were around the corner from the food court, and it was happening in the food court.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, so it was happening in the food court?”

Caller: “Yes, I’m pretty sure from the sound of it.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, and was there only one shooter from what you could tell?”

Caller: “It sounded like at least 15-20 shots went off.”

Dispatcher: “Listen, I want you to stay where you’re at. We’ve got numerous calls on it, okay? You’ve reached Bartholomew County because Johnson County is overloaded with 911 calls, okay? But we have everyone on the way to you, okay? So just take a deep breath, and I want you guys to hide. If there’s any kind of counter or anything like that, I want you guys to hide behind that, okay?”

Caller: “Alright.”


Dispatcher: “911, what’s your emergency?”

Caller: “Hey, they’re shooting the mall up in Greenwood. They got AKs and ****.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, have you seen the shooter?”

Caller: “No, we haven’t, but they got AKs. There’s more than one, I know that.”

Dispatcher: “More than one, sir?”

Caller: “Hell yeah.”

Dispatcher: “Alright, sir we’ve got several calls, and we’re trying to get you help.”


Dispatcher: “911, what’s your emergency?”

Caller, screaming: “Help! Please, please! There’s been a shooting at the mall, the Greenwood mall!”

Dispatcher: “Yes, the Greenwood mall. Active shooter?”

Caller: “(Incomprehensible). Run! (Incomprehensible).”

Dispatcher: “Do you know how many there are?”

Caller, trying to catch breath: “(Incomprehensible screaming).

Dispatcher: “Where are you in the mall?”

Caller: “(Incomprehensible screaming). I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”

Dispatcher: “Ma’am?”

Caller: “I’m at the movie theater!”

Dispatcher: You’re where?”

Caller: “I’m at the movie theater. (Incomprehensible).”

Dispatcher: “Okay, ma’am are you injured or shot?”

Caller: “(Incomprehensible).”

Dispatcher: “Okay, ma’am we’re trying to get help to you as fast as possible.”