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GREENWOOD, Ind. — The mother of a 12-year-old girl hit by a bullet during Sunday’s deadly mass shooting at Greenwood Park Mall spoke with FOX59 on Monday.

Alison Dick said her three daughters were at the mall with their grandmother when the shooting happened. Her daughters relayed their experience to her.

“Something dropped first, and then the bullets started,” said Alison.

“They just reacted so fast. They did see the big gun, and they knew that portion, and then that’s when they knew to just bolt.”

The family was separated when chaos erupted.

“My two girls were running in one direction, and then my mother and other daughter were at Subway getting food, and they dropped to their knees and were crawling away.”

Alison said her daughters called her in tears from a stranger’s phone when they got out of the mall.

“Just hysterical that there’s been a shooting at the mall, there’s been a shooting at the mall, there’s a shooting at the mall.”

Alison said a worker at the mall helped her girls by letting them in her car and use her phone.

“She had a bullet fragment in her back and was in pain but didn’t know it at the time,” explained the mother.

“I went to go hug Bella, she kept saying, ‘My back hurts, my back hurts, no, no,’ and I pulled back, and as I pulled back you can see she had a piece of metal coming out of her back.”

Alison recalled the panic of discovering the injury.

“All you can think of is, ‘It’s in her spine, it’s in her spine,” recalled Alison.

Thankfully, Bella is expected to be alright.

“It was superficial, so it was not lodged in any bone or anything, and they were able to remove it right away, so she should be fine,” said Alison.

The mother said Bella told her it doesn’t hurt that bad. She will be on antibiotics for the next week but will not need stitches, just a bandage.

“We are so, so grateful, so grateful, and I feel so horrible for the people who did not get to have their family under their roof last night, and we did. We’re so lucky, so lucky,” expressed Alison.

Alison was also thankful for the Bartholomew County man who shot the gunman.

“I know from what the chief of police told me that the shooting began and stopped really fast only because that Good Samaritan had his gun on him and shot him,” said Alison.

“Thank you so much. He saved countless lives. This guy would’ve kept shooting, and there would’ve been so many people killed.”

The family is exploring counseling for the children.

“I definitely think that is going to end up being an option for us, just as a mother just making sure they can get out what they want to,” Alison said. “They can talk to me about stuff, but they might feel more comfortable saying something to someone else.”

Alison discussed her children’s return to school.

“I’ve already talked to my girls, and they start school next week, and I’m scared for them. They have to go to school, and what if that happens there? And I guess that’s what I assumed if they were going to go through any experience like that. I assumed it would be school-related, not mall-related.

“Anywhere, anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter. Nowhere is safe right now, and it’s so sad, so sad.”

Eric Graves contributed to this story.