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CARMEL, Ind. —  Creativity takes courage, and it’s what Jayne During needed when she lost her job 19 years ago and opened the Kuaba Gallery.

It’s a gallery where you will find contemporary art from artists that hail from Africa.

“I started because I didn’t see a representation of African arts gallery or art galleries that represented people of color,” Owner Jayne During said.

For 19 years, the Kuaba Gallery has been exposing Hoosiers to the talent Africa has to offer.

“The continent is imbued with so much culture. I mean even though I’m from Ghana, next door to Ghana is completely different,” During said.

During says there are currently galleries that showcase traditional African pieces, but not contemporary.

The Kuaba Gallery hasn’t always been in Carmel, but During is growing fond of the new location.

The pieces are for sale, but it’s open free to the public.

“I can have a bad day and then I come into the gallery and my mood lifts because of the beautiful work around me,” During said.

She says Black History Month may have more eyes glued to the African artwork, but these pieces should be appreciated year-round .

“I don’t know if a month is enough for Black History but at least it’s time set aside to appreciate Black History. Their contribution to the country and the world,” During said.

During says being able to share her heritage to people in America is worth more than any of these pieces cost.

“People call a lot and asking if we charge for people to come in. No, we don’t charge for people to come in just come in and appreciate the arts,”

10% of all the money the Kuaba Gallery makes goes to Zimbabwe to help fight HIV and Aids.

The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.