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Hoosiers who speak Spanish now have a resource right on their phones so they can get affordable food.

It’s an app called The Community Compass. It launched earlier in 2020 and now it’s available in Spanish. The app connects people to pantries, events and programs where they can get free food.

There’s somewhere between 150 to 200 places participating where Hoosiers can go all around the city.

“So if you look at the app, just right up in the top right corner, there’s a button that says espanol, and if you tap that then everything gets translated into Spanish,” Kate Howe, Managing Director of the Indy Hunger Network said. “You can set the filters so you only see things within a mile of your home for instance or only things that are open today so it really lets you choose the things that are most useful for you, and only select the information you need.”

If you don’t have a smartphone you can still use this service by texting “hi” to 317-434-3758.