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MOORESVILLE, IN—A group of teens in Mooresville got creative when finding ways to celebrate their now canceled prom.

Indiana schools are now closed for the rest of the year due to coronavirus, for high school seniors that meant the cancellation of their prom.

With no current plans to reschedule, and many dresses/ prom materials being non- refundable and non-returnable, many seniors are now finding themselves out of a lot of money and potential memories.

That is, until two seniors in Mooresville decided to do something about it. Olivia Brimmage and Carly Even organized a “driveway prom” with a group of their friends.

Instead of going out, they, and roughly a dozen other senior girls got dressed in their prom threads and danced solo in their driveways. Then a video was compiled and shared on social media.

“It just felt nice to see us all smile and it was just a fun thing to do to get out and wear our dresses and see us all be able to wear it, it was nice,” Olivia Brimmage said.

For many high school seniors, missing out on defining moments of their senior year like prom, and graduation has been tough to handle. Which is why the girls said it was all the more important to find someway to celebrate.

“It was nice to see everybody happy in this awful time. And a lot of our friends were really excited about it, so it was like relief from all this coronavirus and stuff that’s happening,” Carly Even said.

The girls say there has been talk about the possibility of Mooresville HS  throwing a make-up prom this summer. But, they add that If it doesn’t happen they’ll just throw their own before heading off to college.

“Although all of this sucks, I feel we’ve gotten closer as a friend group…it’s just encouraging to see all of us come together and lean on one another,” Brimmage said.